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Alcove Units / Book Cases


Reception Counters

Exhibitions / Display units

Unique Projects

Alcove Units / Book Cases

Bespoke Alcove Units and Book Cases to suit your requirements be it free standing or integrated. We can make a bespoke book case in any size or finish you require.

Alcove Units / Book Cases


Bespoke kitchens & cabinets can be built to any size, colour and finish and specifically designed to fit and utilise your space. White & Cream, High Gloss or quality Wood Grain.



Made to measure bedroom furniture, wardrobes and beds for awkward or unusual spaces to maximise your living area in any finish. All made in Dublin!


Reception Counters / Desks

They can come with a high gloss finish or with a glass top of any size or colour. Welcome visitors to your workplace with our superb range of Counters and Reception Desks.

Reception Counters / Desks

Exhibition / Display Units

Customised retail display systems to enhance and sell your product in a unique way. We have clients that use our services in this area due to the fact that we are a one stop shop.

Exhibitions / Display Units

Unique Projects

Brilliant custom designs and projects. If you are looking for something creative but don't have the experience to design or build it yourself, get in touch with us and we will make it a reality.

Unique Projects


We are based in Dublin and operate from a purpose built workshop producing an unlimited range of custom made cabinetry and bespoke furniture.

We specialise in domestic and commercial projects large and small and have huge experience delivering projects on time and on budget. We can offer an all inclusive service and can supply everything needed for the job using premium and high quality materials. We can help you bring your ideas to life and meet your individual requirements quickly and with ease.

We are also aware of tight budgets and financial restrictions these days so will do our very best to offer suitable solutions and real value for money.

Contact us now for a quote or to discuss your idea.

Who We Are is brought to you from a group of dedicated and experienced team of cabinet makers and tradesmen with multi skills that can help you create and build your new shop or business, and also create beautiful bespoke kitchens and furniture for your home.

We have an extensive list of happy clients and our business is growing due to the level of service we provide. We are based just off The Long Mile Road, Dublin  in our purpose built workshop and have a full furniture spraying painting facility in place to get that professional finish.

Our Commercial Services include Counters, Nail Bars, Desks, Tables, Display Units and Exhibition Stands, while domestic solutions cover kitchens, wardrobes and many home renovation & maintenance tasks such as the replacement or installation of an immersion heater - for which you should visit our sister company Check out our gallery to see examples of our work in popular retail outlets around Dublin. 



Add images of the space that needs to be filled and styles similar to what you want:

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Our Location

Cabinet Maker in Dublin are a team of cabinet makers who started a factory together to try something different.

We’re a small independently owned company dedicated to furniture making. From bespoke beds and walk-in-wardrobes over to completely refitted kitchens, we’re carpenters who care about our work.

The original group of cabinet makers were simply tired of boring every day jobs and making factory built pieces fit into places they were never supposed to.

Now, we custom build our own furniture for specific dimensions, design incredible commercial outfits and genuinely enjoy our days far more than we used to.

There’s simply more enjoyment in building your own creation than spending a day laying a floor.

Reasons to order custom furniture

The staff here at are all independent fully qualified carpenters who are free to build their own creations. There are no charming managers and there’s no real staff turnover. Almost everything you can see built on our website was built by a cabinet maker we have working with us right now. When you go with you’re supporting local cabinet makers and cabinetry, who are specialists in building custom furniture. The entire job is designed and built by the same person, they can ensure nothing is missed and everything is included from the brief you give us.

There is very little we cannot build. As long as it’s wood we construct it in our factory and if you need something with steel supports or fitted glass we outsource those parts to our partners before finishing it again in our factory. Our website will show you multiple designs of standard style furniture, from wardrobes to kitchens, and while we can build all of these quite handily, we can also construct quirky constructs like massive dolls houses, racecar double beds (or any size of bed) and we personally are fond of a “hidden” en-suite, where we will have a wall of your room full of wardrobes except that one of the doors leads into your bathroom! If you need standard custom built furniture then we’re happy to oblige, but if you need something a bit different built then get in touch with us for a quote!

The Manufacturing Process of our Furniture Company

Our construction process is simple so we would like to share with you exactly how we like to work so that you understand how your product will be built. All of our process, of course, start with a client and a quote. We like working with pictures of what a customer might like and dimensions are always good, particularly for small jobs like cabinet making. If it comes to something large like a kitchen then we’ll measure the space ourselves and just use pictures as a design to work towards. Following this talking through the product with the client with any pictures or dimensions they might give us a cabinet maker who is interested in the job will prepare a set of drawings for the client to look at and change/confirm as they see fit.

After we have agreed a price in the office based on our drawings that the customer likes, one our cabinet makers will be given the job, though they have a lot of freedom to choose what they want to build (for example our cabinet maker Gary likes to do all of our kitchens). Our cabinet makers begin by finalising materials needed for the product/products in whatever wood the client likes. We tend to go with standard MDF wood, because it’s both cheap and sturdy, but our cabinet makers can build out of any type of wood you want, from walnut to oak.

With the materials such as wood type agreed with the client and the quantity ordered by the office the cabinet maker plans out the construction of the drawing before cutting the pieces he’ll use for the piece. Depending on the size our cabinet makers will either finish the entire project at our factory (small products up to large cabinets and most beds) or simply build the piece modularly so it can be put together easily on site (full kitchens, exhibition stands etc).

Once the piece is built it’s sanded down and moved into our spray painter’s workshop at the back of the factory for a full spray job. This seals and protects the wood creating a finished product, but it also has the added benefit of allowing us to spray the piece in literally any colour you might like. The only thing we need is a RAL number to identify the exact paint you want and we can also paint different sections different colours. As you might expect, building custom furniture with us offers a high degree of customisability from the wood, to the style, to the colour.

Finally, with the product, designed, manufactured and spray finished the only thing left to do is the installation. This tends to be done two ways. For small items, such as free standing cabinets, either the client will come pick up their furniture or we’ll have it delivered to their home as is, to be placed wherever you like. For larger items and much more commonly, we’ll send someone out to fit your piece for you, generally if it’s an area we’ve sized up ourselves or needs to fit into a particular space such as an attic or alcove and then of course if it’s a larger job such as building an entire kitchen or set of cabinets for a particular space well send out a team. Everything we do is simple, clever and efficient. So if you feel like getting something built, from a small cabinet to an entire kitchen or bedroom then browse our site for examples of our work, try give us a picture or an idea of what you want to build and get in touch, because the entire process starts with you giving us a call and us giving you a quote.