Built in wardrobes became popular when people began acquiring more items. As the society started to change, fashion came into play raising the need to have more variety in the way we looked.

As time passed and we progressed into a fast paced lifestyle we developed the need to be organised and to have space to navigate all our items of clothes.

Built in wardrobes can be designed for different types of spaces, large and small. In this article you will read everything on how to make the right decision and to make your storage effortless and timeless.

Elements such as colour, height, width and style will affect whether the wardrobe is imposing or making the room feel whole.

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What makes custom built in wardrobes units great?

  • The wardrobes are built specifically for you, and installed to fit perfectly in the available space.
  • The drawers, shelves, hanging rails and all the internal layout is tailored to your needs.
  • You get flexibility and attention to detail that you can’t find in off-the-shelf furniture.
  • Working with an Interior Designer opens up new options to creating something that's right for your home.

The biggest reason to opt for custom built in wardrobes is because bedrooms come in varying sizes. This means that mass produced furniture will rarely fit the available space.

There's always a choice when it comes to built in wardrobes. With an array of different styles, our workshop team can create something truly unique for you. Our goal is to make them stylish, practical and timeless so that you won’t have to think about changing anything for years to come.

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I am delighted with the service received from Custom Made! They designed and built an alcove unit and two built-in wardrobes for me, and in each case I was delighted with the difference they made to the rooms: they feel brighter and more spacious now. The process was very smooth, nothing was too much trouble and the standard of craftsmanship and service was excellent. I would highly recommend them.


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Built In Wardrobes Ireland

Built in wardrobes in your Irish home can be the source of solving your visual and storage space needs for your bedroom.

Both dark and bright colours can change the visual perception of the room and make it feel bigger. Dark fitted wardrobes designed by professionals will add depth to the room.

Light colours will bounce the light from the windows. By doing so the room will look like there's an extra light source and like dark wardrobes will create depth.

Adjusting the height, width and length of the wardrobe can make a huge difference. Instead of making your wardrobe long, make it higher.

You won’t lose much on storage if you decrease the width and the end result is that your wardrobe won’t be overpowering the entire room.

The main perk of purchasing a custom built in wardrobe is flexibility in design.

bespoke wardrobes around bed

from 4600 fitted

built in closet for kids room

from 5300 fitted

Modern Built In Wardrobes

A modern style is easy to achieve with your new wardrobes. A designer will guide you on the layout of shelving inside. This will include everything you need to make your storage easy to use in your everyday life.

Open storage above or below of a fitted wardrobe will give it a feeling of depth. It will visually brake up the solid block of furniture.

Simple designs look amazing in most homes. You can stick with a plain style for your internal doors, as flush doors work with everything and you don’t have to worry about matching into anything else.

Many homeowners replace their internal doors about 10-15 years after they were fitted, especially if they have a hollow core because solid core doors insulate the sound extremely well. When you choose plain or shaker internal doors instead of doors with a pattern or panelling, you can make your wardrobe doors plain too and they will look brilliant together!

This allows you to achieve a timeless design that will never look aged and let you give it a personal touch through other features — such as mirrors, freestanding furniture, artwork and other statement pieces.

Another option to fit a built in wardrobe into your room is to build it around your bed. It is an alternative that will give you plenty of storage while still fitting into the design of the room.

For correct measurements and satisfactory layouts get in touch with a professional designer. Working with experienced professionals will save you time.

modern built in wardrobe

from 4100 fitted

modern bedroom wardrobes

from 4900 fitted

Built in Wardrobe Types

You can see that we have been heavily leaning into the layout of the wardrobe. We made sure it is practical and aesthetically appealing.

Further in this article we will be discussing different types of wardrobes. We will also look at different elements to help you understand this subject in depth.

Custom made built in wardrobes are great space saves and allows the customer to design it using all the available space in the closet. Shelving can be designed to maximise the use of the space.

Hanging rails can add double storage if placed correctly and the entire height of the ceiling can be used for the fitted wardrobe. It is like creating and extra storage room if approached thoughtfully.

Here are some ideas to decide where you want to build a wardrobe:

  • Around the bed
  • Around the window creating a window seat
  • Cut outs and nooks
built in wardrobes in ireland

from 5400 fitted

black shaker wardrobe

from 4600 fitted

Wardrobe with Mirror Doors

A common misconception can lead to people thinking that mirror wardrobe doors are less secure.

There are different options you can install tempered glass but in actual reality they are very secure and let in a lot of light and air making the space look more upscale.

Glass doors made of annealed material are sound proof, shatter proof and won't shatter in case of extreme heat. They are very resistant and durable as well as high end looking doors.

Find more inspiration on Pinterest: Glass Wardrobes Board by Nina Pickup

wardrobe with mirror doors

from 4700 fitted

wardrobes around fireplace

from 3400 fitted

Custom Built In Wardrobes

Even the most awkward spaces can be beautifully designed for wardrobe use. Instead of bulky freestanding furniture that casts shadows and collects dust on the top you can streamline your storage with maximum efficiency.

We will dive into the designs of wardrobes and later on into organising the wardrobe space below

Choosing the design of the doors keep in mind the end goal. If a room is small and you want to maximise the feeling of space. If you have plenty of room and you want to avoid the doors altogether. Finally if you have little space and you can't afford the space for opening a traditional hinged door.

For fitted wardrobes to fit into a room without crowding it dedicate some time for preparation. When on the fence of not knowing whether you need a freestanding or a built in wardrobe, consider the following options:

  • It feels like the room is too small to host a built in wardrobe
  • What to do when there's not enough storage space
  • A freestanding wardrobe can be moved around but a built in one will allow for a lot more storage space.

With custom made built in wardrobes you can add mirrors and different finish surfaces to bounce the light and make the room seem bigger.

custom made built in wardrobes

from 5500 fitted

green shaker wardrobe

from 3800 fitted

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Open Wardrobes

Open wardrobes for bedrooms is a rarity but like we already mentioned above, you are more likely to wear something if we can see it.

It is the case if you like organising clothes keeping it visually tidy.

Open door wardrobes is a great way to make your dressing area feel like a walk in closet if you're laking in opportunity to build one.

The beauty of open door closets is that you can dress them up with doors at a later stage or add curtains around them for a more authentic look.

Find more inspiration on Pinterest: No Door Wardrobes Board by Lottie Le Bron

The interior of the wardrobe matters. The end goal of organising your wardrobe space is to see everything when you open the wardrobe.

Here's a few tips to achieve that.

Get rid of the clothes if you haven't used it for six months or more. Take into account that some clothes you wouldn't wear because they are out of season.

Notice where is the most frequently used side of your built in wardrobe. Rearrange the clothes according to frequency of use.

One last tip is to put everything back into its place. This includes after washing the clothes or after wearing things such as jackets and shoes. It's a simple habit that can save you time and increase clothes visibility.

custom grey wardrobe

from 6700 fitted

shaker built in wardrobes

from 3300 fitted

Fitted Wardrobes

Choosing the type of finish for your fitted wardrobes can be a daunting task.

The type of finish that you may want to pursue can depend on a few factors. For example a high gloss finish will suit a modern styled room.

When it comes to colour Farrow and Ball puts it very well on their website on how to make the right choice of colour for your furniture.

Ultimately, take into account whichever colours you are naturally attracted to. This means that when choosing between light and dark joinery choose something you'll feel comfortable with for a long time.

Take into consideration the idea of blending the wardrobe with the walls. If you want to do that it will work well with the wardrobe doors that aren't decoratively interesting.

Not sure about your Wardrobe Colour? Let our designer help you out. Speak to her today for advice and fresh ideas.

Fitted Wardrobe Designs

A lot of the design of a fitted wardrobe has to do with the style of its doors. There are many different choices you can pick from.

The most popular wardrobe doors are:

  • Plain Doors
  • Shaker Style Doors - Recessed style panels that will suit most styles and are timeless; for wardrobes, the most common types of shaker doors are the standard shaker (1 panel), duo shaker (2 panels, usually the top one being larger) or quarter shaker (4 equal panels)
  • Handleless Doors - Very similar to the plain style, these wardrobe doors have a cutout that allows you to open them without the need of a handle or knob
  • Raised Doors - They have a raised panel and have a traditional look to them

Custom Built In Wardrobes

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