There are many reasons why people opt for bespoke home offices.

Traditionally, freelancers and people taking the leap to be self-employed would use some space within their home to create their own working space.

More recently, the Coronavirus pandemic has meant more and more people have had to adapt to working from home and all the challenges that it brings with it.

A bespoke home office also provides a quiet area for working parents to focus on tasks without encroaching on the rest of their home.

Creating a bespoke home office will offer you many benefits and improve your capability to be effective when working away from the office. Without a dedicated workspace or desk, it is easy to get distracted by the many events happening in a busy household.

Creating your own office space will make you comfortable while working from home.

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Home Office Ireland

Considering where to place your home office is an important decision and it should be made before you start to design a successful remote working setup.

Places like the living room often lead to further distractions and blur the boundaries between home and work. You should — where possible — set up the workspace in a room which is not frequently used. Or you can repurpose an existing room.

If you have a spare room or a guest bedroom, you may wish to redesign this to make an optimal working space.

Alongside our bespoke home office furniture, it may be worth considering how you could incorporate a daybed or sofa bed so that you still retain an additional sleeping place for guests.

With bedrooms or existing spaces, thinking about changing the colour scheme or décor will help to create a custom home office. Redecorating with a new colour scheme can give the space a calm and purposeful feel.

If you have existing cabinetry or wardrobes you could think about how redecorating them replacing the wardrobe doors will help contribute to your home office design. For any home workspace, we recommend light colours to help maintain a spacious feel. You may also wish to keep the wardrobe doors to disguise your storage units and use them for important paperwork, file or office equipment such as printers in order to help keep the room organised and free from clutter.

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Of course, you may have a larger space which is great to see as a blank canvas — in which case you can be really creative!

For smaller spaces, however, you would need to be clever with the design in order to maximise your available space. Have a look here for some inspiration when designing your new office: Home Office Wall Unit Pinterest Board by Melinez28

We can provide complete bespoke home office solutions, from desks, to cabinets to storage. No matter what design and layout you have in mind, we have you covered!

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Custom Made Home Office

Organisation is key to a successful workplace. With a home office, functionality is king.

A large desk is perfect for this. Choosing a custom made home office, you can design a layout which suits your every need. The Custom Made team is always on hand to help you make it a reality.

Do you have a large room? If yes, you may want a desk to take centre stage. Corner style desks are fantastic here and can be combined with built in storage. It also means that other people from your household can use the room to work at the same time as you.

Depending on the remit of your work, you may wish to also include comfortable seating for clients either in front of the desk or in a separate breakout space when you want a more relaxed atmosphere.

If you have a smaller space, you will want to make the most of every inch of the room. You can often see some fantastic office nooks in spaces that would otherwise be wasted! We are able to offer units for alcoves which are the perfect space-saving solution and can help to create the ideal working area.

Our custom made home office range can also include bespoke desks with storage and can be completely made-to-measure for awkward or tight spaces.

If you have a child studying or spouse working from home you may want to create a shared office space, and we can offer a bespoke desk solution to accommodate this.

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Home Office Setup Ireland

If you are unable to dedicate an entire room to your office, you can still get creative and create your own dedicated space. Our team are experienced and have helped to design many home offices setups in Ireland.

Redesigning your living room by including a new matching TV unit with your custom made desk and office furniture will help to make the room feel one whole.

Creating a comfortable space is key when designing your working from home setup.

Working from Home Setup

If you are including a home office as part of a wider renovation or redesign of your property, it is important not to overlook small details.

Radiator covers are a fantastic way to add elegance and a classy interior design feel to any room while also being practical and multifunctional.

Our radiator covers can be linked with bookcases, storage units or coat racks — they really are versatile products. To view our recommended range of radiator covers click here.

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Fitted Wall Units for Home Offices

For a contemporary and cosy feel, opt for a custom made desk with a fitted wall unit in a colour that matches your existing colour scheme for the room.

You can also consider whether adding in a privacy curtain may enhance the feel of being separate and add to the level of focus you have while working.

Our fitted wall units for home office spaces are a great solution for properties with limited space. They can help to organise key documents and resources you will need while working away from the office.

Every unit we make is fully bespoke, so you always know that you are maximising the options that your room offers you.

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Claire ★★★★★

I am delighted with the service provided by Custom Made.

They designed and built an alcove unit and two built-in wardrobes for me - in each case I was delighted with the difference made to the rooms: they feel brighter and more spacious now.


Susi ★★★★★

The team at Custom Made were simply brilliant to work with, and we went with Custom Made because of their strong reviews. So glad we did!

Vanessa the designer designed the pieces and worked with me to adjust the designs until they were perfect.


Michelle ★★★★★

Designer Vanessa was very helpful, professional and knowledgeable and always responded quickly to any queries.

The furniture was made to a very high standard. The fitters Declan, Ger and Leon were very professional and their attention to detail was excellent.

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