Kitchens are the heart and the soul of our households. Imagine a bespoke kitchen where you’ll spend hours cooking and interacting with your family. That’s why beautiful, functional, bespoke kitchens are always admired and appreciated.

Why do people may choose custom made kitchens over off the shelf options? Because of all the awkward areas with too many doors, windows and high ceilings.

When doing your research it’s important to pay close attention to the team you’re working with. Their experience and ability to give you the best possible advice will make the process an enjoyable one with an outstanding result.

As a team of skilled professionals working on bespoke kitchens in Dublin, we know that a well designed one will last a lifetime. Custom made kitchens have a much higher quality than those that are off the shelf. They are sturdy and much more attractive.

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Bespoke Kitchens

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Bespoke Kitchens Ireland

Without a shadow of a doubt, a bespoke kitchen will be an investment that will require a budget, a company that provides exceptional customer service and a team of designers working alongside experienced tradesmen.

One of the first concerns that people are faced with is, of course, the budget. It is hard to give an estimate on how much a kitchen will cost in Ireland until you describe your available space and what exactly you want to get done. There are different aspects of designing a bespoke kitchen such as materials, labour and fitting. Other elements such as worktops and tiling can also be factored in depending on one's needs.

The planning stage of creating bespoke kitchens Ireland is one of the most exciting. The sheer number of different types of colour combinations and styles makes the final choice a difficult one. However, with the help of a talented designer you should be able to make the right decision for you.

Creating a Pinterest board of everything that you love is a simple way of communicating your tastes to our designers. It gives us an insight into what you like so that we can create a truly unique kitchen for you.

Why Custom Made?

Highest quality materials (certified hidrofugo® moisture resistant MDF, plywood, veneers and solid woods)yes
Highest quality finish (PU spray painting in any colour and finish, or staining and lacquering service)yes
Our designer - Vanessa - will work with you step by stepyes
Specialist team with 80+ years of combined experienceyes
Perfect assembly alwaysyes
Over 120+ happy clients since 2012yes
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Let’s begin with the basics. Next time you’re doing your grocery shopping pick up a magazine and flick through it to see if there is any particular style you want. We found that it is easier to eliminate everything you don’t like from the beginning and focus on the things that you love.

Once you’re inspired and have an idea of what type of fitted kitchens you want in your home it’s time to talk about its functionality and everyday practicality.

Try to see what style of appliances you’re attracted to. There are different types of fridges, some look like stand-alone designer pieces and cookers that are either contemporary or more traditional such as AGA cookers. All of these details will determine the style of your kitchen cabinets and whether you’ll want to hide them or not. The type of appliances you will use can turn an Irish kitchen into a contemporary or a traditional space.

Did you know that if your kitchen is small and you have additional appliances that are only used on occasion, you can store them in an under stairs storage area? The stairs are normally close to the kitchen making it easily accessible.


  • Identify all the spaces you’ve got right now that are wasted. All the gaps between the ceilings, doors, windows and walls can all be utilized for a better storage. You’ll be surprised how much more you can do with bespoke kitchens Ireland when every inch of them is used with intention.
  • Is your hot press located in your kitchen? You can move your immersion heater switch, hot water cylinder and the rest of your immersion heater to a different part of the house, freeing up space in your kitchen and allowing you to repurpose the old hot press into a cupboard. You can get a quote for moving the hot press for your immersion heater on
  • While planning the layout, especially if it’s an empty space, designers suggest to literally walk around it and try to imagine your cooking routine.
  • If you find it hard to imagine the space in your head, a designer will be able to sketch a few samples for you. Visualising how the space will look is a great way of making sure that you can avoid things that may irritate you and make your life easier long term.
Bespoke Kitchens Dublin

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Fitted Kitchen

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Fitted Kitchens

Even beautifully designed fitted kitchens become hearty places only when they're styled to feel inviting and lived-in. There are different ways of achieving a cosy look with colours, textures and styling.

If you’re going for an all-white fitted kitchen think about working with a little bit of texture and colour. You can use of a runner by your sink or along your kitchen island. Towels can tie in with the runners adding pattern and interest.

If you want to make your kitchen look timeless, the easiest way to do that is to choose a classic style. So what are the magic details that make it look and feel classic?

It’s the colours that make fitted kitchens look traditional and classic. Neutral greys and whites never get old. These colours create an easy canvas for styling.

Classic kitchens will always include natural materials like marble worktops and wooden floors. These materials don’t age. Pay attention to white stone and ceramics with white colours. You can also use wood wall panelling behind the counter with a tile pattern to recreate the feeling.

Spray Painted Fitted Kitchens

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Fitted Kitchens

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Kitchen Design Dublin

We’ve been doing kitchen design Dublin for enough time to know that small kitchens are harder to furnish. But small doesn’t have to mean dull. Let’s break it down and see how you can design a small space and make it feel roomy. You can always apply the same principles while designing a bigger kitchen.

During your planning stage, you have to be taking into account everything you’ll be using.

Try to imagine how often you’ll be using the appliances. Look around and plan where you will store those items. As mentioned above you don’t need to store all the items in the kitchen, you can use under the stairs storage to avoid the clutter.

Having a bespoke kitchen design in Dublin in a small space try to avoid solid blocks of cabinets. Diluting cabinets with open shelving and glass doors is the best way to create an uncluttered and an airy feeling.

Having some open shelving it’s important to limit the number of items you use. If you’ve too many items on display it can make the room look smaller. The team from Design Studio McGee shows a few tips on how to style a small kitchen in this article: 6 Tips For Small Kitchen Design.

Sticking to a simple colour scheme will make the space look larger. Choose white or bright bespoke cabinets over dark ones to create a sense of a big bright room. It is the light that makes a place look big and the more light you have the easier it is to expand the kitchen design.

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Veneer Wood Kitchen Cabinets

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Modern Bespoke Kitchen Design

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The light will bounce off reflective surfaces, which is why some people design their kitchen cabinets in a semi-gloss finish. Try to install light fixtures to illuminate the room in the evenings. One of the best things you can do for your glass cabinets is to install the light inside of them. It’ll create a sense of depth.

With bespoke kitchens big and small you should use the entire height of the ceiling to maximize the space. Work with your designer! Ensure that you’re not overwhelming the kitchen with tall blocks of cabinets. Break them up with different types of shelving.

When you have your process broken down into smaller steps it's easier to convey your ideas to the designer. All bespoke kitchens are truly unique projects. Choosing the right team to work with you will save you a lot of planning. This means that you’ll have your new custom made kitchen created in no time!


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I would have no hesitation in recommending Custom Made. Their work is of a very high quality and fits beautifully into the house.

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We are very impressed by our built-in units from Custom Made.

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