Wall paneling, also known as wainscoting, is an interior decorative feature for the walls. Wall panels are made of MDF and are on average 1 metre or around 3 feet high.

Depending on the height of your walls (about 9 feet high on average in Dublin) and your style preferences they can be different heights.

Wall paneling is like any other trend making a come back into our homes. Equipped with the most basic knowledge of interior decor and all the available resources you can easily integrate them into your home.

The modern variants have a much bigger variety of patterns and designs. You can choose different combinations of paint, wallpaper and tiles to create something that will have a timeless and fresh look. Due to the wide choice of style combinations it remains relevant and widely used by homeowners.

Let’s dive into different ways you can use wainscoting in your home.

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Wall Paneling Ireland

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Wood Wall Paneling

If you want to wall panel the area around the fireplace or around your TV units there are a few options that you can use.

Create an accent wall. An accent wall is something that your eyes will be drawn to the minute you enter a room. Normally a fireplace will be installed on the accent wall.

Naturally it is a feature where a family will gather around and where all the sitting furniture will be placed. To make an accent wall more attractive you can install wall paneling. This can add character and texture to the room.

Panels can be installed only around the fireplace wall or the protrusion that is created by it.

Panels coloured in darker or brighter colours will draw more attention to the accent wall accentuating the features of the fireplace. V-groove sheets installed from floor to ceiling will perfectly suit modern looking fireplaces.

Types of Modern Wall Paneling


Wallpaper might seem like an old school idea but don’t dismiss it too fast. There are a lot of colourful, stylish and eccentric patterns that can excite your imagination.

From our research on how you can combine wall panels and wallpaper we noticed that busy wallpaper patterns seem to work best in bathrooms and hallways, or around under stairs storage especially for older Dublin households.

It works if you like the idea of a busy and colourful wallpaper but you are not sure if you’ll be able to handle it all the time in a place where you spend a lot of time relaxing.

Classic white coloured paneling will go with any type of colour and pattern. The ones that have undertones of a colour can be beautifully matched with the wall paper. The good news is that with the aid of professionals that work in our work shop we can mix any type of tone and colour to spray paint your sheets.

Wall Paneling Dublin
Bathroom V Groove Panels


If you’re still unsure if wall paneling can be integrated as a modern feature in interior design, we have put together a set of samples to help you decide if it’s the right look for you.

You can combine wainscoting with furniture that has clean, straight lines. Muted colours work great, and so do shades of white and grey that will bring out a modern feel within the wainscoting.

Paneling around internal doors can look great when it’s done properly. Most of the time, the space you have on the left side of your internal door will be different from the right, and you need to have an eye for design to make everything look symmetrical. You can buy internal doors that have a paneled design, and it will perfectly match your traditional or modern wainscoting.

Using metals in interior decor is becoming very popular and it looks like this trend will stick for a while longer. Copper adds elegance and catches our attention due to its sleek texture. Bronze metals are starting to make a more frequent appearance in interiors. Matching with wall panels they create a sophisticated look.

If you want to push for a modern and minimalist feel then white wall panels is what you should be concentrating your attention on. Raised or flat styles will give the room a clean, high end look. If your ceilings allow for it, consider covering the wall from floor to ceiling. White ones will always remain timeless and inviting to any interior style.

Modern Wainscoting
Flat Wall Paneling for Bedrooms


Wall paneling is not always white however it creates a great canvas for pairing different wallpapers. White panels will make bright colours pop and making them appear bright and crisp.

If you want to move away from the formal look you can paint the panels in different colours or tones.

Deciding on the colour of the wainscoting will depend on your personal stylistic preferences.

If you want to go for a safe option it will most likely be easiest to paint them white. It’s because white they are easy to style around it. It means that you can use different wall colours or wallpaper that have rich dark colours. Changing the colour of the walls and wallpaper in rooms and walk-in closets is easier that changing the colour of the wall panels themselves.

When it comes to different colours we suggest you do a little bit of research so you can get an exact feel for your room through others photographic samples. Sometimes dark wall panels can visually expand the room, add a dramatic effect and look incredibly stylish even in a small room.


Should you decide to work with us, the cost of wall paneling starts at €79.95 for supply only, unfinished panels. Priming and fitting the panels can be offered at an additional price depending on the size of the area.

Every room is unique. Due to the type of light, layout, height of the ceilings and the amount of furniture it is hard to give advice on how to pick the perfect colour. It is important to point out that even though it is common to think that white colour visually expands small spaces sometimes it is not the case.

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Wall Paneling Dublin
Decorative Wall Panels

How does it improve your rooms?

Wall paneling can have a few effects on a room. Its design will always be associated with classical home decor. All classical stylistic features will always have an inviting effect.

They give a room texture, add character and draw attention and interest to its architectural features. With wall panels you will find yourself passing through hallways with a lot more aesthetical satisfaction when they are there.

Beadboard sheets can visually increase the height of the ceilings. Due to the vertical leading lines we are deceived to think that the space is bigger. The same trick can be applied horizontally elongating a wall. Beadboard have a beach cottage feel associating with comfort and rest.

Before choosing the style consider all the obstacles in a room. This means that if you are interested in tile style you will have to factor in all the alcoves, doors and windows. This will take some time and effort to align the positioning of the tiles. If you have very busy layout perhaps other styles will suit the space better.


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Wall Panels for Bathrooms, Living Rooms and Bedrooms

  • Ideas for living rooms
    Adding a sleek look to your living room through the use of wainscot can create a warm and welcoming feeling. You can combine them with wallpaper, dark coloured panels or bright walls.
  • Ideas for hallways
    Wall paneling in entryways and up the staircase can be used as an architectural feature to dress up the space.
  • Ideas for kitchens
    Beaded walls can be used below the top kitchen cabinets. Paneling the kitchen island is another way to tie in the design with your kitchen cabinets.
  • Ideas for bathrooms
    Styling your bathroom with sheets of V Groove can help you to create a clean and streamlined look. Decorating them further with busy wallpaper is a real statement piece in a bathroom and helps to draw attention from unwanted elements in a bathroom.
  • Ideas for bedrooms
    Decorating your bedroom is fun. It’s the place where you can really play with colours and textures. Depending on the height of your ceilings you can go floor to ceiling wood panels, a classy look or experiment with dark wall panels. All of them will have a different effect on your mood.
  • Ideas for children's rooms
    Wall paneling for children’s rooms is such a delicate process. The inspiration that we came across gathering samples are so soft and dreamy. Wall paneling will have a soothing and calming effect on children not to mention the clean look that it gives to the room.
Dark Teal Raised Wall Paneling
Hallway Wall Paneling

A world of choice

Wall paneling are making their way back into the interior design of our homes. Never before we had so much freedom and versatility with wall panels.

With so many different combination we are able to pair wall panels with metals, wallpaper, different colours creating texture and creative interest.

Adding wall panels to your home will be a beautiful feature easily interchangeable allowing you to update the look of your home creatively and with style.

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