Every home with a staircase has a hollow space that can be used as a storage or a decorative space. When it comes to under stairs storage, it's important to decide what you want to make out of the potential unused space.

We have seen under the staircase areas where people have transformed the area into both storage and decorative purposes.

So before we dive into the details on how we can strategically utilise the available space, try and think about what you really want it for. Whether it’s extra storage, a decorative space or a compromise between the two we’ll educate you on all the different routes you can take in its pursuit.

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Why choose custom made under stairs storage units?

  • The units are built specifically for you, and installed to fit perfectly in the space under your staircase.
  • The presses and shelves can be as discreet or obvious as you want, while adding a lot of practicality.
  • You get flexibility and attention to detail that you can’t find in off-the-shelf or DIY products.
  • Working with an Interior Designer opens up new options to creating something that's right for your home.

The biggest reason to opt for custom made under stairs storage is because staircases come in different heights, lengths and angles. This means that it's tricky for anyone to get things right if they haven't done it before.

There's always a choice when it comes to this type of storage. With an array of different styles, our workshop team can create something truly unique for you. Our goal is to make them stylish, practical and timeless so that you won’t have to think about changing anything for years to come.

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Thomas & Martina

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I am delighted with the service received from Custom Made! They designed and built an alcove unit and two built-in wardrobes for me, and in each case I was delighted with the difference they made to the rooms: they feel brighter and more spacious now. The process was very smooth, nothing was too much trouble and the standard of craftsmanship and service was excellent. I would highly recommend them.


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Under Stairs Storage Ireland

Let’s cover the first query that we came across when researching this subject in depth online.

The structure of the staircase is safe to have storage underneath. The construction is simple and if built properly the underneath area safe to use.

With this in mind, designing the your new storage be sure to consult with your carpenters or cabinet makers. They will assess the structure and make sure it is suitable for your desired purpose.

Having said that we can proceed in discussing the rest of the elements on this subject.

Similar to walk in wardrobes and any other storage you’ll have to reassess what the items that you own, their purpose and importance. Decluttering the hallway by eliminating the outwear means that you’ll need a particular type of interior shelving.

Access the size of the hallway and decide what is the best door solution. Doors such as pull outs, hinged or sliding will determine the type of interior storage.

Take advantage of the exterior of the storage areas. In dark hallways high gloss finishes or mirrored doors can increase the light with their reflective surfaces.

modern under stairs storage

from 4300 fitted

light grey under stairs units

from 4900 fitted

Under Stairs Doors & Presses

  • Mirrored doors are practical as you’d be able to observe your reflection just before walking out the door.
  • Mirrors visually expand the area. It will not only seem bigger but will be practical, beautiful and timeless. According to your overall style of the home and in particular the ground floor you can bring in creativity.
  • Different types of colours and wood finishes will breathe the air of mid century styled home. It is a creative solution dressing up the interior of the hallway.
  • Custom made approach allows you to create something unique. This means that you can make your hallway look stylish, tidy and attractive.

Storage Shelving

After establishing the purpose for the storage and the type of doors you’ll be able to pick out your interior shelving. Consider anything such as coats, wine, appliances and books.

  • Tall boy with a rail to hang all the outwear
  • Pull out shoe racks for footwear
  • Drawers for hats, gloves, scarves and other accessories
traditional under stairs storage

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under stairs cupboard

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Under Stairs Shelving & Cabinets

If the storage area you’re planning to build is deep or located in a dark area it is highly advisable to install lighting.

We offer flexible LED lighting that will help you navigate your items. LED lights have many different spectrums.

According to the type of wall decor and the surrounding furniture you can pick the best colour of the LED lights. The installed light should be able to bring out true colours in your clothing or other items.

If decorative purpose of the space underneath the staircase is your main priority then let’s walk through the process of making it beautiful.

Open shelving such as bookshelves, floating shelves and boxes will be a creative addition to demonstrate your styling skills. It is always a way to add character to the hallway through your love of art, history, hobbies and other interests.

There are many ways to creatively decorate this space. Painting the back wall a darker colour can increase the feeling of depth and help the items stand out against the background.

Emily Henderson, an interior designer, produced an informative guide on how to style your bookshelves. We recommend you to give it a quick read.

under stairs storage solution

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staircase shelving

from 3500 fitted

Bespoke Cupboards Under Stairs

A playroom is the least explored option for the unused space underneath a staircase. Imagine having all your kids toys stacked in a room downstairs.

A dedicated space where you can store all sorts of children’s toys sounds magical. Under the stairs playroom will be an exciting addition in a child’s life. It will be like a treehouse or a little fort for them to play in.

Watch out for the depth of the available space. If your staircase is wide you’ll be lucky enough to have a spacious playroom.

Make sure to install plenty of lighting both ceiling and floor lights. This aids to creation of different types of atmospheres for different purposes. Lastly, decorate the walls in an attractive way so that your kid would look forward to their adventures in it.

There are many variations on how you can transform the area underneath the stairs:

  • Once you start using that space you will see that your hallway looks beautiful and tidy. You will have space to purchase a seat to use for putting on the shoes.
  • You can also install a beautiful antique or vintage decorative console unit with a mirror above it.
  • Using up this space liberates you to create a beautiful and streamlined home.
  • Researching this topic and basing our assumptions on our previous clients we can confidently conclude that it is a worthwhile investment.
white and navy under stairs storage

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under stairs storage dublin

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Under Stairs Storage Quote

To determine the price of a unit like that we will need to take into account the following things:

  • Measurements
  • Design
  • Materials
  • Labour (Assembly and Installation)
  • Finishes (Spray Paining / Wood Staning / Lacquering and optionally Lighting)

To make sure the clutter is gone for good, you’ll have to think about your decluttering strategy and design the unit to suit the space. This article focuses on decluttering homes one room at a time.

We are a team of experienced designers and cabinet makers that are here to assist you should you wish to proceed with the project.

Custom Made Under Stairs Storage

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