The kitchen is widely considered the hub of any home. This much-loved room often serves many purposes in each home — a place to entertain, a place to dine, a place to unwind. And, of course, a place to cook.

While it is often a key part, the kitchen can quickly become disorganised and look tired.  A longstanding and essential storage solution of many kitchens is the pantry.

We design and make bespoke pantry units to provide storage space for our clients’ kitchens. Their benefits include:

  • An efficient way to add extra storage space
  • A design choice that can look amazing when done right

In every kitchen there is so much to keep track of and store. The arrangement of your kitchen needs to reflect the type of person you are and be organised in a way that suits your lifestyle.

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Pantry Units Ireland

Pantry units come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs.

While many people may think of free-standing units with a glass front, there are now many choices worth considering which will compliment the design and layout of your existing kitchen.  Adding a free-standing unit can be a cost-effective way to add additional storage space and help you to de-clutter.

We also have experience designing walk-in pantries which take inspiration from the traditional butler’s style pantry. You can see some for inspiration below.

No matter the size, style or layout of pantry unit you desire, we can provide a custom-made solution for your home.  If you are struggling to make up your mind on the perfect design, you can find further inspiration from Pinterest on the boards below:

If you want some further help or to make an enquiry, get in touch with one of our friendly design team. We’ll be happy to discuss your ideas and offer unique solutions for your kitchen.

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Best quality materials (certified hidrofugo® moisture resistant MDF, plywood and an assortment of wood)yes
Perfect finish (we spray paint any colour and finish, or stain and lacquer at request)yes
Talented design team that will work with you step by stepyes
Specialist team with 80+ years of combined experienceyes
Long lasting, professional installationyes
Over 120+ happy clients since 2012yes

Kitchen Pantry Cupboards

Our kitchen pantry cupboards are designed to suit your needs for a bespoke feel.

A popular choice is to paint these cupboards in the same colour as the rest of your kitchen units, essentially disguising it. Only when opened will it reveal itself as an organised pantry. While the outside appears seamlessly integrated, the inside can make more of a statement.

Opting for sliding or bi-fold doors can maximise the space within the kitchen pantry cupboards. And if you’re in the market for new cupboards, it could also be the perfect time to upgrade your kitchen. By replacing kitchen doors on your existing cabinets you can create a new style for the fraction of the price of a full blown renovation.

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Choosing the layout of your cupboard can also offer room for further design choices. A pantry, first and foremost needs to be practical but that should mean you have to compromise on style. Here you can opt for a range of storage solutions including, baskets, spice racks and shelving.

Choosing the materials for the inside of your pantry unit is also a key part of design. Choosing to include wood shelving will compliment a country-style, while opting for glass shelves can offer a more modern design and the illusion of more space.

As with choosing any furniture within your home, having a clear idea of the style you love will help when choosing any design elements.

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Pantry Cabinets

Our pantry cabinets are all made-to measure to meet each customer’s individual needs. Earlier this year, Emma and her partner got in touch with our design team to seek help for re-developing their cramped kitchen:

Emma lives in a 3 bed house in Dublin. She wanted some help designing her kitchen to offer more storage space so that she could keep the sides clutter-free for when her friends come over.

After talking to her, Vanessa — our interior design specialist — came up with the ideas of including built-in pantry cabinets which blended in with the rest of her kitchen units. Emma loved the idea maintaining her shake-style classic kitchen feel while adding more space.

In the end, we designed a bespoke pantry cabinet which maximised the space available with combination a different sized shelves and racks. Everything became accessible and well-organised - much better than an overcrowded kitchen cupboard, and she opted to further modernise her kitchen by getting a new marble-like countertop made from solid surfaces.

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Kitchen Storage Units

Ample storage is essential for a successful kitchen.

As well as built in storage-solutions, we can offer a range of custom freestanding kitchen storage units. If you have space, simply adding a new unit can provide much need space to your current setup.

New storage units can also be an opportunity to make simple changes and upgrades to your kitchen. If your kitchen now forms part of an entertaining space (like in many Irish homes of today), have a look at our range of custom-made TV units which can be designed to compliment the theme of this space.

If you are considering completely remodelling your kitchen, click here for details about our bespoke kitchen design service. Opting for a bespoke kitchen will provide a unique space which represents your style perfectly.


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We are very impressed by our built-in units from Custom Made.

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I would have no hesitation in recommending Custom Made. Their work is of a very high quality and fits beautifully into the house.

They were always responsive to communications and completed the job in a clean and efficient manner.


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We we very pleased with the final product and the support in planning the unit.

We plan to build additional bespoke furniture with your company.

Thanks very much.

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