Alcove units are usually associated with family sitting rooms, they are stylish and they can hold an impressive amount of storage.

Any recessed corner or space can be referred to as an alcove. These can be located anywhere in your home, but they are often part of the living room and, in some older houses, one or more of the bedrooms. The space between them can house the fireplace or a TV, gaming console and entertainment system.

The beauty of custom made furniture is that you will be confident in knowing that the furniture fits into the space exactly as it should.

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What makes custom made alcove units great?

  • The units are built specifically for you, and installed to fit perfectly in the available space.
  • The shelving goes with the design of your room, adding a touch of style and practicality.
  • You get flexibility and attention to detail that you can’t find in off-the-shelf furniture.
  • Working with an Interior Designer opens up new options to creating something that's right for your home.

The biggest reason to opt for custom made units is because alcoves come in varying sizes. This means that mass produced furniture will rarely fit the available space.

There's always a choice when it comes to alcove units. With an array of different styles, our workshop team can create something truly unique for you. Our goal is to make them stylish, practical and timeless so that you won’t have to think about changing anything for years to come.

We make our clients happy!

We are extremely happy with the service provided from start to finish. Derek, Alan, Vanessa and Declan were very thorough and accomodating with all our requirements and provided an extremely professional service. It was a delight to work with Vanessa. She is an extremely good designed and very accomodating. We have plans to get a few more things done and I will definitely be going back to Custom Made in the near future.


I am delighted with the service received from Custom Made! They designed and built an alcove unit and two built-in wardrobes for me, and in each case I was delighted with the difference they made to the rooms: they feel brighter and more spacious now. The process was very smooth, nothing was too much trouble and the standard of craftsmanship and service was excellent. I would highly recommend them.


Custom made previously provided stunning alcove cabinets for our new home. This year we gave them the difficult job of exactly replicating those units after we had extensive flood damage to our home. Vanessa and the team did an amazing job and now our sitting room feels just like home again. It was a pleasure to deal with custom made throughout the whole process from design to installation. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for beautifully finished custom carpentry.


We cannot recommend Custom Made enough! From the moment I first spoke with Vanessa their attention to detail was incredible. Derek dropped in to discuss our requirements and measured up, then we received emailed drawings of our units for our approval. Eoin, their cabinet installer, was an absolute gentleman, very polite and professional. We are delighted with our finished cabinets!

Thomas & Martina

We are thrilled with the quality of work and customer service we received from Custom Made. They designed and built a big kitchen unit and a desk that fit our needs perfectly. We asked for the unit to match the colour and design of our kitchen and they did it to perfection. The installation team were neat and efficient, and were happy to make any changes we requested. We cannot recommend Custom Made highly enough.


I found the team very professional and helpful throughout. In particular, Vanessa was fantastic to deal with — and the main reason we went with Custom Made in the first place. The end product (built in shelving units and floating shelves) was spot on. Couldn't be happier and would highly recommend.


We couldn’t recommend Custom Made highly enough. They were very professional and reasonably priced. We are delighted with our built in wardrobes, alcove units, floating shelves and kitchen. Vanessa worked with us at every stage from initial call-out to installation to make sure we were happy with everything and any late changes were very kindly accommodated. We will definitely use Custom Made again and recommend them to friends and family!


I am delighted with the service received from Custom Made! They designed and built an alcove unit and two built-in wardrobes for me, and in each case I was delighted with the difference they made to the rooms: they feel brighter and more spacious now. The process was very smooth, nothing was too much trouble and the standard of craftsmanship and service was excellent. I would highly recommend them.


We recently engaged Custom Made to design and install fitted wardrobes, hallway storage, alcove storage and a TV unit in our home. From the initial emails to meeting the designers and fitters, we were very happy with the service. We felt our ideas and requests were really taken on board during the design stage; no question or request was too trivial for Vanessa. The team who worked in our home, from the fitters, apprentices and delivery men were incredibly helpful, professional and hard-working.


Delighted that we selected Custom Made to work on our new furniture. Thanks to their invaluable help at the design stage (thank you so much Vanessa!) we can enjoy our bespoke furniture which we absolutely love. It has been a great experience from the design stage to installation; they are very professional, the quality of work is second to none and they are such a pleasure to deal with. We have a few more rooms to fill and will definitely use Custom Made's services again.


Custom Made are a very professional outfit! They made and installed a walk in wardrobe with revolving floor to ceiling shoe racks for us as per our design and we absolutely LOVE IT. Many many thanks to Vanessa (best of luck in your new home!), she was extremely helpful and patient, always in good humour while dealing with us, such a lovely person to deal with. Thank you!


Simply brilliant to work with. We went with Custom Made because of their strong reviews — So glad we did! Vanessa designed the pieces and worked with me to adjust the designs until they were perfect, being super-responsive and patient all the way through. She kept us up to date about installation dates, and the team arrived on the date promised. The result is delightful - we're so happy with the two units! Highly recommend them!


We installed alcove units with floating shelves in our living room and were delighted with the finished product. Our house is old so it wasn't a straight forward job but the team did an outstanding job fitting the units to such a high standard on the day. Vanessa is fantastic to work with. She was prompt with answers to any questions we had and was happy to help with every step of the process. I would happily use Custom Made again for work in our house.


We had wardrobes built by Custom Made recently and couldn't be happier with them. We had some ideas but Vanessa's suggestions were invaluable, they were also flexible about what we wanted to do unlike some other companies we had approached. The team were great and we are delighted with the finished product. Highly recommend!


Alcove Units Ireland

Alcove units come in an infinite variety of sizes and styles. Designs are often broken down into one of these categories: Traditional, Modern or ‘A Bit of Both’.

All these styles are highly popular in Irish homes regardless of how new or aged they are, and even more traditionally-inspired designs bring an element of newness to the room and make your home feel truly yours!

If you are interested in alcove units made here in Ireland, we will:

  • Showcase the different styles of alcove shelving and provide reference starting prices
  • Offer you inspiration and practical ideas no matter how big or small your space is
  • Look into built in units in different rooms of your house, not only the sitting room
  • Help you integrate a TV and entertainment unit in your room design
  • We are based in Dublin, so if you found this page we are most likely local to you

Our specialist cabinet makers build alcove shelving from start to finish in our Dublin-based workshop. Depending on your personal preferences, we can make units that fall into any category – from ornate traditional shelving to beautiful minimalist alcove units.

You can see them below, in the order of their popularity. Most of our recent clients have been opting for modern designs, or designs that showcase ‘a bit of both’.

grey alcove units

from 5200 fitted

painted alcove unit

from 3800 fitted

Modern Alcove Units

The modern style moves away from the ‘lived in’ feeling that the traditional style implies. The main focus is to keep things simple, hide anything unnecessary and create storage.

If you like minimalism, plain presses and Scandinavian design influences, our modern style alcove units would be perfect for you.

Less is more, and a modern look can be achieved through clean, crisp lines and a smooth spray painted finish. The bookcases or alcove units in this instance won't protrude from the walls, keeping everything tight and minimal.

In terms of colour, white is ever-popular, and so are soft greys, navy, and forest green. Choose a handleless cutout instead of knobs or — the most popular choice — opt for completely plain doors with a push-to-open system.

This modern look is ideal for newer homes, but will also work great if you are renovating a house that has a few more years and a bit of character to it.

alcove units ireland

from 3900 fitted

alcove unit

from 4500 fitted

Traditional Alcove Units

The traditional style embodies symmetry, charm and comfort. When thinking about this style imagine moulded details, conservative colour schemes and a more elegant feel.

Traditional alcove units often have shaker doors with plant-on moulding, brushed steel or brass knobs, fluted pillars and often boast moulded cornices. It’s a graceful and refined style that brings everything in a room together, making it look classy.

In terms of colour, aim for light to medium greys, as well as muted tones of blue, green or rust. White is also a popular colour for alcove units of all kinds.

Traditional style alcove units come in pairs around a statement piece, which can be a fireplace, a piece of artwork or a large wall mounted TV.

tv alcove unit

from 3600 fitted

shelves in recess

from 4200 fitted

A Bit of Both

If you enjoy both traditional and modern styles, you can combine elements of the two and achieve a design that’s both cosy and contemporary.

Shaker style doors go well with any style and colour, and they are often a key element of the transitional style — which is essentially a blend of the new and the old.

Interior design is a personal thing, and you need to base your choices on the way you feel about them. You can do anything you want with the choice of shelving, design of the doors for the bottom presses, whether or not you want LED strips or downlights in them, mirrors and so much more!

If you want to keep things simple you can choose shaker doors with knobs and keep everything else plain and practical. This tends to look amazing as you can see in the examples below.

painted alcove unit

from 3800 fitted

navy alcove unit

from 4100 fitted

Custom Made Alcove Units

Good designers know how to create balance through the use of shapes, colours and textures.

The very first thing to do is to decide what colour scheme you want to achieve. Based on the items you own, look at what colours are predominant. Try to maintain one or two colours for consistency in style.

If storage space is your main concern feel free to ask us about your options for Under Stairs Storage, keeping your alcove units minimal and moving your storage in an otherwise unused area of the house.

As far as shelf decorations go, you have many options and it’s best to combine them:

  • Place books on your shelves
    They look best if you position the books both horizontally and vertically on different shelves. Spread the colours evenly across them and avoid putting all the darks or whites in one place. Keep in mind that you are aiming at balance.
  • Artwork and framed photos
    Use artwork to add various heights and colours on the shelves. Use the statement of colour and the type of art as a way to showcase your home’s personality.
  • Vases, candles, diffusers and other pretty items
    Use the rest of your pretty, sentimental and functional items to dress up the rest of the space on the shelves while keeping in mind the colour scheme. It’s better to avoid having too many — it’s okay to have some empty areas here and there.
  • Small potted plants on your shelving
    There are many different plants you can get in the major Irish home and garden stores. They can thrive in low light and require minimal care.
white alcove units

from 3500 fitted

living room alcove shelving

from 4000 fitted

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Alcove Units with TV

Since built In TV units are ever-popular, placing your TV on the wall between the alcoves (at a safe height above the fireplace, if you have one) can look incredible.

Your fireplace surround can be painted in an accent colour, or you can match the colour of the units on either side of it.

Storage cabinets at the foot base of an alcove unit can hide the TV sockets, your Xbox and even your Wi-Fi router. It can hold any other additions that you wish to hide from sight to make the place look clean and tidy.

Open storage can be in the form of traditional or floating shelving, and for an extra dash of style you can have staggered shelves in your alcoves.

As mentioned before, you can display items such as picture frames, books and other elements of interior decor. This helps to draw the entire attention away from the TV when it’s off, blending it into the room.

Having a built in entertainment unit is an amazing solution for storage and whilst still practical it’s very stylish. As the years go by you can customise your unit changing handles and shelf positions. The main thing is that you will finally find an ideal place for all your possessions and accessories.

Get in touch today for a quote and to schedule a callout, and we will take care of absolutely everything.

alcove tv units

from 5100 fitted

traditional alcove units with solid oak top

from 3700 fitted

Alcove Shelving

An alcove unit with both presses and shelves is a very popular choice. The reason for that is because it combines open storage (for books, vases and decorations) with hidden storage inside the bottom presses.

Open storage requires styling skills to display the decor, which can become a focus point once lit by LED strips or downlights. Closed storage will store away all the necessities that you want to hide.

This is the easiest way to achieve visual satisfaction and practicality. Look around this page for inspiration and, if you can’t get enough of it, check out the Alcove Cupboards Board by Anita O'Shea on Pinterest.

Alcove Floating Shelves

Floating shelves in alcove units look light and airy. They can be placed on any type of wall and can hold a considerable amount of weight when installed by our experienced fitters.

They come in various thicknesses, but they tend to look better when they are 22mm, 25mm or 36mm thick. They can be made from spray painted MDF, stained plywood or a wood veneer depending on the look that you want.

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration once again for this type of alcove units with shelves, and you check out the Floating Shelves Board by A Beautiful World to see many interesting designs.

Simply send us a photo of what you like and we can adjust it for your alcove sizes.

living room units

from 4800 fitted

base units and shelves in navy blue

from 4700 fitted

Contrasting Back Panels

The background of your alcove units can either make them stand out or blend in with your room design. It can either match the colour of the units with the wall or you can finish it in a completely different colour to give it more depth and character.

If you own a period home and really like a very traditional, nearly Victorian look, you can opt for shelving with a wallpapered background.

Finally, to create an illusion of more space a reflective surface will be the best solution. Some of our clients choose to go with a full mirror back, but keep in mind that you will need to keep this spotless especially if your units have built-in lighting.

Alcove Shelving Colours

Do you need some colour inspiration? Our team is always ready to help you pick something that’s right for you, and you can see many of our samples during the callout.

We can use any colour from any manufacturer available in Ireland, so you can choose anything from Farrow & Ball, Colourtrend, Little Greene or Dulux.

For a hassle-free experience we often recommend Farrow & Ball, as they have a purposefully limited range but every colour is hand-picked by their designers and almost all of them are amazing for custom made furniture.

We hope you found the inspiration you need in terms of design and storage options for your brilliant alcove units, but our lead designer Vanessa is always happy to assist you in achieving a look that’s right for you.

Get in touch today for a quote and to schedule a callout, and we will take care of absolutely everything.

Custom Made Alcove Units

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  • Highest quality materials
    Certified hidrofugo moisture resistant MDF, plywood, veneers and solid woods.
  • Best paint and finish
    PU spray painting in any colour and finish, or staining and lacquering service.
  • Skilled designer that works closely with you
    Vanessa is our furniture design specialist — You will see her mentioned in most of our reviews!
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    Our workshop team is comprised of highly skilled cabinet makers and machinery operators.
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