53 Degrees: Footwear Ramps

Custom Made Footwear Ramps for a recent shop fitout

53 Degrees are a hiking store in Northern Ireland. They wanted us to build them a bespoke ramp so that their clients could practice new boots within the comfort of their store.

The ramp features two distinct surfaces, one a splintered but otherwise flat panel designed to test the boots ability to deal with small surface irregularities such as scree or small rocks and pebbles. It allows the customer to see how the boots their testing deals with the uneven but otherwise flat terrain that’s really common on hikes in order to test the boots comfort and balance in these conditions.

The second surface is layered wood and is designed to present faces of rock, those that would be relatively even, as scree and small pebbles can’t exist on the cliff side without falling down, but still tricky terrain for seasoned hikers. The surface allows users to test how the boots would grip in such conditions.

Combined, the surfaces of the ramp are used to help customers choose their own boots by enabling them to test the comfort, balance and grip of the boots before a purchase, helping them stay happy with what they buy and helping the store sell better – if you’re selling a great product, the ramp lets it show.

It’s a completely bespoke order and gives an example of the kind of stuff we love to build. While most of our clients aren’t in the market for hiking ramps they may be looking for custom made cabinetry that weird and wonderful. If you want anything quirky built just give us a call and we’ll do our best to build it for you.

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