Attic Storage Unit

Bespoke Attic Storage Unit for a Converted Attic

One of the best places in your house for storage is in the attic. A full set of actual attic storage wardrobes combined with a storage unit can really increase the amount of space in your attic as opposed to trying to just stack it on your attic floor.

There's no other storage unit in your home that will improve the space available to you than your attic will. By building integrated attic storage you can drastically increase how much you can easily store out of sight.

This particular attic storage unit was fitted into a converted attic. Most attic conversions leave room at the sides for storage, but it's often just empty space, if you actually plan the storage out with a proper built in unit you can both, store more stuff (which is the point after all) and make it much easier to put things in and take things back. If you're converting an attic you should definitely think about getting extra storage while all the work is going on, but if it's already been converted adding in some extra attic storage space isn't much trouble. can build fully integrated attic storage units or even do a full attic conversion. If there's something you need done with your attic then give us a call and we can sort out a quote.


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