Cat and Dog Under Bed

A bespoke bed designed and fitted by the cabinet makers here at

This bespoke bed features two sleeping areas. A typical over bed designed for people and a smaller undersection designed for pets - specifically cats and dogs. This bespoke bed design is surprisingly simple to construct. By removing a bespoke cabinetry section a small/large cage can be fitted underneath the bed for pets. Especially useful in locations with limited space such as high-rise apartments or perhaps bungalows.

This bespoke bed was built in our factory and then fitted in the clients home - which is an apartment. Obviously space was an important issue, which may be the main reason for the bespoke cat and dog bed design.

For warming up the room and keeping the pets comfortable, the client opted for two energy-efficient storage heaters. We can supply and fit storage heaters and immersion heaters on request.

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