Bespoke Fitted Furniture

Maintaining a home that is practical as well as stylish is a job that will require taking a step back and reassess your storage, all of your available space and the type of look you want to achieve in your home. While overwhelming at the start, the process of making bespoke fitted furniture is always creative and fun.

With the constant flow of new trends there is a lot of freedom in making something that is personal and unique.

Talking about bespoke fitted furniture you will have to take into consideration that it will be fixed to one place. Before diving into making decisions consider a few important aspects when ordering custom made furniture.

Bespoke Furniture Storage

Take a step back, reassess the room and decide on the function you want that piece of new furniture to preform. Perhaps you need to store books, build a new wardrobe, fit a kids bedroom with a bunk bed or increase functionality of your bathroom.

If you want to order a bespoke bunk bed for your kids bedroom be sure to visit our website here

Choosing the space for the furniture will determine its size and its exterior design. With custom made furniture it’s hard to visualise exactly what that piece of furniture will look so working with a designer for a precise visual mock up with all the dimensions will give you a clear idea if the chosen design or dimensions will be satisfactory to your tastes.

Remember to plan out your internal storage, for example planning out a wardrobe, shelving and hanging areas should be designed out according to how you want your clothes to be stored.

Technology in Bespoke Furniture

Aesthetics of our home is the first reason that makes us want to create something original, unique and enriched with personality. Aesthetic of a place we live in affects our mood, productivity and the ability to relax and recharge.

While our lives are full of technology like TV units, kitchen electrics and home office tools ideally we would love it all to fit into our interior design organically. Bespoke fitted furniture project could be driven by your desire to disguise or integrate technology in your home while still remaining practical and beautiful.

You can use the top trends of a particular year or season as a starting point to get inspired. Nowadays there are no more rules in style combinations and since you have this opportunity to build something unique, use it to your advantage and integrate your favourite details into one piece of furniture.


Bespoke Bookshelf

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Customisation of Bespoke Furniture

However trendy one aspect of furniture can be this year, trends will always be constantly changing. So if you’re into brass handles on your kitchen cabinets this year and next year you want something different, the good news is that you can customise your tastes according to those small changes.

You can also experiment with tones every time you want to update the look of your room. Experimenting with contrasting backgrounds in open shelves or refinishing existing units in a different tone after a long period of time will breathe in new life into your built in furniture.

If your unit contains open shelving you can change and swap the levels of the shelves to play around with styles according to your storage preferences without compromising the overall style.

Most popular concerns of homeowners nowadays is to make their living spaces neat, airy, stylish, to increase visual space and to add storage space. With bespoke fitted furniture you have the freedom of making a long lasting difference to your home customised to your individual needs.

Let us design and build your bespoke furniture!

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