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Bespoke Grass Skirting

Custom Pattern Cut from MDF using our CNC Router

One of the least thought about items of any construction is the skirting board. Usually just a small ring of wood that goes around the floor of a room for some small functional and decorative purposes. People might get a new floor or new kitchen, maybe even a new cabinet.

Nobody gets new skirting. But skirting doesn't have to be, essentially, a boring extra that just comes with your floor. Here at we can cut shapes into any wood, including skirting board, and we fitted this grass shaped skirting in our own office and showroom just to make customers think of skirting as something that can actually build into your ideas and hopefully not something you might just ignore.

This is grass skirting that's built in two ways; first, typical skirting wood (which is really just regular wood cut into skirting) is put onto our machines to cut the "grass" edges into it. When we had enough for both the office and showroom, our spray painter gave it coats of green spray paint and we have a decorative, functional skirting board that looks exactly like grass which is easy to install when every second person in the job is a qualified carpenter.

Sanded and spray painted

Coloured, spray painted skirting by itself, without any design cut into it, can be really nice for any room, it can make the skirting match the room's wallpaper or paint exactly. A designed skirting is really nice for ""themed" rooms, like making a child's skirting look like the bottom of a frilly dress, or even using something similar to the grass shown here to create an African Lion King room. An area that skirting can be very useful is during events, an event stand with two sides can utilise skirting across both to make their exhibition stand out. can build any design into a skirting board, including complex features like lettering or frills and we can paint it any colour you might want, so if you think you might want to try out a new skirting then give us a call and we'll happily get you a quote.

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