Dublin House Renovation & New Kitchen

Custom Made Kitchen Cabinets in White with a Dark Top

While CustomMade.ie focus on constructing bespoke furniture, we also have a team in place that installs this furniture in homes. We wanted to highlight a project we did that started out as a bespoke kitchen, a very common request for us, that morphed into much more.

The kitchen built in this home is quite standard. Most people don’t want a fully bespoke kitchen design, they merely want the freedom to change the things they don’t like from a typical store model. As such this Kitchen has a very modern feel, with a beautiful Marble countertop and integrated layout.

The built-in layout really adds to the sleek modern feel of the space and, while it can be expensive to buy all the extra cabinetry, it can be repainted in the future, allowing for your kitchen to look brand new. Spray painting kitchen cabinets is a new way to upgrade your old kitchen.

This home had much more done than a bespoke kitchen however. We put in a new door, flooring, re-installed the internal insulation and put brand new windows in place. This, generally, is not the main point of custommade.ie. However, we are conscious that it’s much easier and faster on our customers to have the entire job completed by the same team and under one roof.

With this project we wanted to highlight that if you want a bespoke kitchen done, but also need a host of other additions to your home, then you can still give us a call. We’re happy to either work with other teams or complete the extras ourselves.

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