Solid Wood Open Kitchen

A bespoke kitchen designed and fitted by the cabinet makers at for a client in Dublin. This bespoke kitchen was fitted by our cabinet makers using the design chosen by the client.'s cabinet makers created numerous bespoke designs for the client to choose from, which is generally how we operate all of our jobs on bespoke kitchens. This particular bespoke kitchen features a central island incorporating a breakfast bar surrounded on two sides by appliances and the door to the back garden. We also fitted a brand new MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) Fuse Board.

Our cabinet makers also designed and fitted the bespoke cabinets in the custom made kitchen and provided the two chairs which were built by our cabinet makers in our own factory. The design and wood used in the kitchen is all custom made.

Our cabinet makers do not take kitchens from showrooms unless a specific kitchen is requested by the client. Everything here at is exactly that; custom made.

If you think you might like to take a look at our bespoke kitchen or a radiator cover created by our cabinet makers here at please get in touch for a quick quote.

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