Ivory Oak Kitchen

A bespoke kitchen built and fitted by the cabinet makers here at custommade.ie for a client in Dublin. This bespoke kitchen was designed, built fitted by our cabinet makers to the clients specifications. The bespoke kitchen is built with standard wood and high gloss black counters.

The custom made kitchen features an integrated design, a radiator cover and a central island. The bespoke kitchen is rare in that the central island has no seating. This was at the request of the client. There is a large dining area nearby, and the client wanted to use the island as storage space rather than having an unnecessary table.

Here at custommade.ie, our cabinet makers are happy to change any of our outstanding designs to suit new tastes. Building in bespoke creations allows clients to think outside the box, whether it is because they want to, for aesthetic design, or need to, for space or location reasons is not important to our cabinet makers - we change our designs based on what you need and on what you want.

CustomMade.ie's cabinet makers specialise in creating full designs from start to finish through the construction to the fitting. However, we are also happy to take full design direction from clients who know what they need. Whether you need a bespoke design or already have the design and simply need a bespoke fitted kitchen built for you, our a rad cover here at custommade.ie can do the job.

If you need any bespoke kitchens fitted or bespoke furniture designed by the cabinet makers here at custommade.ie please get in touch for a quote.

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