Light Blue Kitchen

A small bespoke fitted kitchen designed and built by the cabinet makers here at This bespoke kitchen is an integrated design built to make use of the available space.

It features a small island with bespoke cabinetry, to add storage space to the surrounding appliances, which also features a Dining Set with a bespoke countertop. The fridge/freezer is integrated into the large bespoke cabinet on the right side of the picture beside the integrated oven.

Our cabinet makers built the bespoke kitchen with two separate bespoke cabinet designs. The shaded bespoke cabinetry below beside a radiator cover, and the cream coloured bespoke cabinets above the bespoke counter.

The cabinet makers fitted the bespoke kitchen to show this contrast, and the bespoke seating at the dining table was also built in our factory in Dublin for our cabinet makers.

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