Shaker Style Kitchen with Isle

A bespoke fitted kitchen designed and built by the cabinet makers here at This bespoke kitchen was built for a residential home in Dublin and features white bespoke cabinetry with high glass black bespoke counters. The bespoke cabinetry and bespoke counters are custom built in our factory in Dublin by our cabinet makers.

Everything in this bespoke kitchen is integrated, except for the oven, where we integrated the steam fans above it instead. This was requested by the client and looks like a small white alcove that matches the surrounding bespoke cabinetry. The design of the bespoke kitchen is old, and the new chrome steam fan didn't suit the clients idea for the bespoke kitchen, which is why it was integrated.

The island features extra storage for the bespoke kitchen area, with two small custom made seats for the breakfast bar area set aside within the island. fitted the entire bespoke kitchen.

From plumbing and electrics right through to the finish we can see. If you have to get a custom made kitchen fitted in your own style, without the help of a showroom,'s cabinet makers can either create design for you or build the designs you want.

If you need a bespoke kitchen or bespoke furniture designed, built and fitted by our cabinet makers then please get in touch for a quote.

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