Custom Striped Reception Desk

A large bespoke reception desk designed for two full-time receptionists built and fitted by the carpenters here at in Dublin City Centre. This bespoke design breaks the work stations of the receptionists dynamically, and allows for easier work and more privacy for conversations with customers while also granting both the customers and the receptionists a lot of space.

The bespoke reception desk was designed from scratch by the cabinet makers at for the client. The wood was cut on our in house saw, the pattern was sprayed by our spray painter in our spray workshop and the designs were cut into the wood on our cncrouter. This system is how we build almost all of our bespoke reception desks, either through a brand new design, or by altering a pre-existing one. By taking your ideas, designing, building and then fitting a finished product, handles the entire process, so you can work through one company with one quote, who handle everything your bespoke reception desk might need and deliver it to you in a timely fashion.

If you need any bespoke furniture or bespoke reception desks designed and fitted by the cabinet makers here at please get in touch for a quote.

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