Bespoke Round Kitchen

A bespoke kitchen built and fitted by the cabinet makers here at for a client in Dublin. This bespoke kitchen was designed, built fitted by our cabinet makers for a specific rounded kitchen area.

This bespoke kitchen was built in to an old home without standarised rooms. As such, the kitchen was round and needed a bespoke, custom made design. As almost all showroom kitchens are based off of a square room.

Our cabinet makers had to design circular bespoke cabinetry for the bespoke kitchen and everything was purpose built in our workshop in Dublin specifically for this kitchen. We concealed the square appliances in custom made cabinetry, to maintain the circular shape of the room and used a marble effect (quartz) bespoke counter, which also needed to be purpose built to fit into the bespoke kitchen design.

This was a job that really needed a custom design, as a regular kitchen wouldn't have fit. Our cabinet makers excel in these areas where they can really show their expertise. There was a lot of fun in this job, our cabinet makers, much like everyone else, enjoyed doing something a little different and we were proud, as was the client, with the end result.

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