Bespoke Secure Reception Desk

A bespoke secure reception Desk designed and fitted by the cabinet makers here at This bespoke reception desk was designed with security in mind, built to fit into a small alcove and protected through toughened glass panels. It is a custom design, built to the clients specifications similar to almost all of our cabinet makers designs.

This bespoke reception desk features two small separate work spaces, easily distinguishable by height. This feature was requested by the client for both, the privacy of their customers and ease of use of the small work areas. The cabinet makers at are more than capable of either fitting a new design, or altering a pre-existing design for your needs. In this case, the unorthodox design was completely new.

If you need a bespoke reception desk or bespoke furniture designed with security or comfort in mind, then get in touch with our cabinet makers at for a quick quote.

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