Bespoke Wall Units

The idea of balancing personal life and work is something we all want to achieve. A kitchen is the most used room in the house where we spend most of our time catching up with our family. Having a workspace where kids can do their homework while you cook dinner is an ideal example of life balance.

A kitchen workspace can be a unit installed if you have an available space, a space that is purposeless or a space that is quite awkward to be utilised for appliances or a storage area. Blending in the workspace into the rest of the kitchen will be an easy task as the materials of the main wall units will extend to match the workspace. But keep in mind these two tips when planning a bespoke kitchen work station.

Storage areas

Storage areas are very important as they will be the only thing that will keep your kitchen space look neat, clean and uncluttered. If you are a person who likes filing, the inside of your storage cabinets can be customised for filing and if you like piling, you can have storage baskets in open areas or behind cabinet doors. It all comes down realistically thinking of what will be more practical for your everyday life.




Carpenters can install lighting right into your furniture but it has to be planned in advance. There are many options to do that and judging by the overall style of your kitchen, try and have your lighting style consistent. It won’t be enough to have the overhead light of your kitchen for reading and writing even if your work space is located beside a window, during winter months you will need extra light.

A kitchen workspace is practical and gives you a chance to help out your kids during their homework. It is a simple feature in your kitchen that will help you stay connected with your kids and your everyday tasks keeping everything in one place.

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