Made to Order White Wardrobe


A large White Bespoke Wardrobe designed, fitted and built by the master cabinet makers here at for a young client in Dublin City Centre. This simple bespoke wardrobe design was built in our workshop in Dublin and then fitted by our cabinet makers.

The wardrobe is a simple design, the two outside sections comprise bespoke hanging racks in custom fittings for hanging different varieties of clothes. The centre of the bespoke wardrobe features see-through glass panes in the upper section - perfect for storing books - and a drawer section for various small wear.

Custom made or bespoke creations do excel at clever or specific arrangements. However there is no reason a custom made design cannot be simple and affordable. Sometimes it's easier to get exactly what you want from a custom made shop over a large furniture retailer.

If you need bespoke pieces, or would even like to discuss the type of prices we have on offer, please get in touch with our cabinet makers for a quote.

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