Custom made furniture is beautiful because it looks unique and fits in perfectly. It inhabits a unique personality and has all the features that you ever wanted.

Here are a few things to take into consideration when deciding to have your bed custom made to fit your room.

The reason you may want a custom made bed could be the layout of your room. It can be the case that you want to position it in between the windows or create a stylish bed with integrated storage.

The architecture of your room may motivate you to create something unique. Unusual designs of headboards or posts can make your bed a centre piece in the room.

Custom Made Beds are a premium product that can be designed and tailored exactly to your liking. Each bed is unique and you have full control over the style, size, wood type and upholstery. Our in-house designer will work with you to make it exclusive and fully yours.

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Bespoke Bed Frames

Decide what sort of feel you want to achieve from the room. Even if your room is small you may still be able to achieve a beautiful, spacious and functional layout with the help of our designer.

Once you decide what feel you’re going for you can start researching different styles. So if you want to create custom bed frames with space in mind, a "floating" frame might be the right option for you.

These bespoke beds are slightly elevated with a visual gap between the floor and the bed. This way you’re not obstructing the view with bed framing and you’re maintaining a sense of space and airiness. This tip is especially useful if you have built in wardrobes or other similarly large pieces of furniture in the bedroom.

Source the inspiration to find out what is it you like. The beauty of custom made beds is that you can incorporate features that you like from other beds into your own.

Upholstered Bed

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Custom Made Children’s Beds

Designing children’s rooms is an exciting process. Designing everything from wall decoration, to the style of the bed - bunk beds being a top choice for the young ones. Also storage and lighting is enjoyable and fun.

Researching inspiration for different types of children’s beds we noticed that even the adults would love the designs.

Before diving into the designs of custom made beds try observing and listening to your children’s interests and passions. Their interests and obsessions will influence the way you will go about building a new bed, as it’ll be a real adventure for them.

A lot of kids will love shapes, colours, patterns, texture and a bed that will remind them of their favourite stories or characters.

Take a moment to consider the following elements for your new children’s custom made bed:


A four-poster bed in a form of a roof a will make it feel like a fort for kids. You can attach curtains for a tree house effect.

Fairy lights will also fit in nicely on the framing of the bed. You can attach different hanging decoration above the bed. With the versatility of this design changing the decor once in a while will be a fun and creative venture.


Design the bed with storage in mind. This is the most practical way of increasing the function of the room.

If you have a gas boiler and wish to control your home temperature from your bed, you can get a thermostat installed within reach of your bed. You can get a room thermostat installed for your gas boiler by contacting the team at

Storage that is built into the bed will store all sorts of toys that can be easily tucked away. There are different ways of building the storage for custom made beds. Pull out drawers is the most common one.

A different way is by attaching the shelving to the side of the bed for books and lamps. Raising the bed a little bit higher will fit in basket storage underneath the bed. Remember that having the toys easily accessible by your child is part of fun for them.

It’s a great tactic to engage them in storing the toys away by themselves at the end of the day.


The fast way to achieve the perfect tidy look in the children’s room is to keep it simple.

Bespoke beds with little or no pattern on them, with clean lines will calm down the everlasting toy fest in the room. You will streamline the cleanliness of the room by making it fun, functional and easy to use.

If a room is lacking on storage incorporate it into the bed. If a room is big and spacious pair consider adding matching nightstands or dressers.

Finishing off the colour of the bed with the same colour as the walls is a perfect way to visually disguise the bed. It will widen the space also resulting in a clean design and calming design.

As you can see there are a lot of different options when it comes to children’s custom made bed designs. Research your favourite ideas and make an overall picture in your mind of what you want to achieve.

The beauty that lies in working with children’s beds is that they all have simple and minimalist styles. They are amazing canvases to decorate the room around them.

Custom Made Beds

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Can you mix bedroom furniture?

Mixing bedroom furniture is a way to add character to the space. There are a few tips you can do that and according to the main tips on mixing bedroom furniture are as follows:

    If your bed is made out of wood try and add something different to the other furniture. It can be a nightstand that is finished in high gloss paint or a made of glass or metal materials.
    Look at the overall style of the room. Instead of matching all of your furniture with the same colour use the décor elements already existing in the room. Colours of wooden floors, doors, window frames, lighting or upholstery are the type of details that can be picked up in the rest of the furniture.
    You can carry out the same style throughout by using the same type of furniture. For example you might have modern bed with modern nightstands, dressers and wardrobes.You can also create contrast by having most of your furniture modern in style and just a rustic nightstand contrasting the rest.
Solid Wood Bed

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Custom Made Beds With Storage

While looking for the details to create unique custom made beds with storage try and fill them with character. You will want to incorporate bits of your own personality in it to make it truly yours.

Remember to stay inspired throughout the entire process; it is quite important to have fun!

  • Storage options and finishes - Dark or white spray painting, primed wood, raw wood.
  • Bed frames – Upholstered beds, unique wooden designs with different heights and edging.
  • Feet and headrest – Watch out for feet design, the slant and the height. You may want to eliminate the feet altogether and elevate the bed. It's up to you.

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Vilhelmiina ★★★★★

We are very impressed by our built-in units from Custom Made.

They are very high quality and really complement the room!

Couldn't recommend Custom Made enough!


Sarah ★★★★★

I would have no hesitation in recommending Custom Made. Their work is of a very high quality and fits beautifully into the house.

They were always responsive to communications and completed the job in a clean and efficient manner.


Noel ★★★★★

We we very pleased with the final product and the support in planning the unit.

We plan to build additional bespoke furniture with your company.

Thanks very much.

Layout Ideas

Arranging the furniture in your bedroom may seem like a straightforward task. This can be the case until you run into unusual room layouts. Small rooms can pose a similar challenge when you want to use all the available space and keep it uncluttered.

MyDomaine gives a number of different room layouts to make it easier for you to visualize how to arrange furniture.

Here are a few take-outs from the above article regarding custom made beds:

  • Small bedrooms function better with beds that have built in storage
  • For full sized master bedrooms consider a bench at the foot of the bed
  • Full sized master bedrooms will also be able to carry an extra dresser
  • Extra large long bedrooms will give you an opportunity to build a walk in wardrobe

Getting a bespoke bed for a small bedroom will leave you wondering how to make it work when there’s very little space.

If you're looking to make a small bedroom more efficient and practical, check out the tips below:

  • Keep the layout simple and leave room to walk on either side of the bed
  • Introduce several light sources to the room to make it feel more spacious
  • Use normal sized furniture, surprisingly big night stands will make a small room look bigger
  • Introduce a chair in a corner so that you can hang garments, throws or use it for pillows
  • Apply this trick to other furniture in the room by playing with scale

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