Custom Made Christmas Tree

Bespoke Christmas Tree Designed, Cut & Assembled

A wooden custom made Christmas tree decoration built for the festive season. One of our clients wanted the Christmas tree for the centrepiece of a room. It's absolutely massive and nearly reaches the ceiling, as it's around 10ft in height and because it's so big, we assembled it in pieces in our factory before putting it together on our customers premises.

The custom made Christmas tree is another example of our every day work - we build people's ideas. The tree was designed for an event centrepiece and was given to us as a conceptional drawing. From there, cut all the pieces separately and pre-built it in our factory to make sure it was perfect. Then we took it apart, flat packed it, before reassembling in the middle of the event showroom, where it can be seen in the picture above.

This is the type of job we love getting here at Building something new and different keeps everyone sharp and custom made, bespoke furniture is exactly our style. If you need us to help you design your ideas, or even just build something from a set of architects drawings, we have the tools, machinery and, most importantly, the people to ensure you get the best quality construction for your ideas.

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