A Custom made Radiator Cabinet?

We build, spray and deliver custom made radiator cabinets.

In recent years, we have seen a significant rise in requests for Radiator Cabinets. These have been one of the most requested items by our customers to date. Customers we’re always inquiring about quality, custom made cabinetry.

However, what most of our customers didn’t realise that most radiators are built to standard sizes. Which means they were paying extra for us to design and build unique radiator covers.

So, we’ve decided to manufacture and produce quality rad covers that are still as unique and creative as ever. We’ve produced so many distinctive styles and designs that can become the statement piece that ties the whole room together.

Radiator Cabinet Colours

We can supply you with any colour you want! The Standard Radiator cover comes raw wood. With no paint or finish applied, this is more for those creative customers who wish to paint and finish their rad cover themselves.

Although we do offer a Primed radiator cabinet. This radiator cover has been primed and is ready to have paint applied to it. We offer this to those who have left over paint and wish to paint it themselves. We don’t recommend this for anyone who is not competent in painting and finishing furniture.

The final option is a Fully spray-painted radiator cabinet. This is the best option for those who wish to have our professional spray-painting team paint and apply a finish to the rad cover. The added benefit of having our team do it is that we have access to any colour you could possibly want. Walk into any hardware store and choose any colour, no matter how obscure and we’ll be able to match it. Through our industry connections we can get a hold of any colour you want.

Updating the look of your radiators with custom made covers, you may want to look at the option of wainscoting your room to add an extra personal look to your home.

Did you know that we specialise in custom made furniture which means that we can build alcove units around the radiator covers. It will take you one step further when disguising the radiator in your interior design.

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