Custom Made Reindeer

Bespoke Shapes Cut on CNC and Assembled

A custom made Reindeer decoration built for the Christmas period. The pieces were cut on our CNC router, before being put together by one of our carpenters.

This wasn't built for a customer, but one of our staff and we took the opportunity to showcase our ability to make virtually any design out of wood. We build bespoke, custom made furniture and while this usually means slightly changing cabinet designs and ensuring stuff is perfectly built into walls and alcoves, we're more than capable of constructing completely random designs, like a huge wooden reindeer, quickly and efficiently.

We have carpenters who have work with our machinery every day and they know what it's capable of, so they designed the reindeer to size and put it together in an afternoon. It's the ability of our staff to be precise and quick that allows us to create impressive designs, whether you want a decorative Reindeer or a lead through wardrobe, can build it for you.

If you need any special designs, specific orders or anything that's a little bit alternative or different, can build everything you need.

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