Custom Round Reception Desk

A stylish custom reception desk designed and fitted by the expert cabinet makers here at for a client located in Dublin. The custom reception desk features a circular design, with ample room for two or three receptionists at a time.

This custom reception desk was designed with a lot of footfall in mind. The semi-circle allows for greater us of available space for both staff and customers and allows the custom reception desk to sit in the middle of the room without appearing too large.

This design was suggested by the cabinet makers at for this room, as the client was unsure of what design to use. This is not uncommon with custom made furniture and custom reception desks. Here at we are happy either accepting designs to your specifications, or helping in the design process, and then building and fitting the designs to your satisfaction.

The design, construction and fitting of the desk took the carpenters at less than three weeks. The back panelling was spray painted in house by our spray painter in our spray workshop. The panels were cut by our in house saw, and the reception sign was cut into the wood on our cncrouter. Here at we have the tools and the staff to construct the entire project in house so you can be sure you're working with the same team throughout the entire project.

If you need any custom reception desks or custom furniture created, built and fitted by the master cabinet makers here at, then please don't hesitate to get in touch for a quote.

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