Custom Sales Counter

A Made to Order Sales Counter in White with Wood Veneer

The custom sales counter is made of high quality MDF with a clean white spray painted finish that matches the colouring of the surrounding store. It was designed with the customer, choosing the simple box design and then built in our Dublin based factory by our team of cabinet makers and given the crisp high gloss finish by our spray painter.

It has its own internal wiring that simply needs to be connected to the shop on site for full functionality and this was done by one of our fully qualified electricians. The desk features a lot of storage space because it doesn't need seating, as it's designed to be used by staff who make a sale in store and then put this sale through the till by themselves, without a full-time receptionist.

The desk was created to suit the store, a benefit of building bespoke furniture. After construction it was fitted in less than a day by a carpenter and electrician causing minimal disruption as almost all the difficult work is ironed out in our factory before installation.

Why Buy Bespoke?

Bespoke and Custom made sales counters are, undoubtedly, the more expensive option if you are buying furniture when compared to pre-designed sets. However, here at we feel that the bespoke option should always be the way forward with reception, sales and office desks.

Why? They grant a combination of style, class, individuality and, perhaps most importantly, creative control. Allowing yourself full creative control over both the reception desk itself, and the area in which it's built, can be invaluable to the feel of your storefront and the brand you're working towards.

Whether you need to build bespoke because you have a brand you want to maintain, or even need to build a new brand from scratch, the ability to design, build and fit a completely custom made sales counter will trump an ordinary set every time.

Our Construction Procedure

When building a custom sales counter we always follow a three-step-plan. Design, Manufacture and the Finished Fitting.


We build everything out of our purpose-built factory in Dublin 12. we can cut out designs on our in-house cnc router and can colour a custom sales counter with any finish in our spray workshop operated by our full-time spray painter.

As cabinet makers we source all our own materials and can construct sales, reception and office desks out of virtually any wood, in a variety of designs. Whether you need a solid square desk, or something a little fancy.

Or even if you want designs for tight spaces with clever storage solutions, the cabinet makers at have the experience and expertise to ensure a well-crafted custom sales counter built to your design. We welcome you to browse our website to search through our work and see the craftsmanship of both or carpenters and cabinet makers.

Finishing & Fitting ensure that the entire construction is handled by us. That means our carpenters will also fit you're custom sales counter on-site, in your sales area. This allows us to fit the product as it was designed, and make sure everything, from alignment of the desk to the wiring of the sockets, goes perfectly.

We want to be apart of the process, from the design stage to the final fitting, to create the best possible product for you, and, in a small way, for us too.

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