Christmas Exhibition Stand

Custom Made "Taste of Christmas" Exhibition Stand in Dublin

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Here we have a bunch of display stands for the Taste of Christmas event in Dublin. From circular displays to large bespoke cabinets. can design, build and install any furniture, in any style, for your event.

A lot of exhibitions nowadays are run according to a specific theme. From product focused coffee events to more general summer showcases, can build you a stand to suit them all. When you build bespoke, you get an incredible amount of control over the design process. This is perfect for events where you need your display stand to fit into an the theme, but still want to make your product standout. If this is the case, come to us, we'll have you covered.

What We Do

Here at we build everything bespoke, from difficult display stands to clever storage units. Taking everything into account for an event is genuinely quite a hard job. For people who attend these events, this is obvious. For every well-designed, brightly lit and engaging stand, there are two more that are relatively bog standard. This isn't to say you need flashy or expensive shows at your display stands, you might be surprised with how just a few small differences in design can make a big difference in footfall.

When it comes to exhibitions we find that big impressive stands control a lot of the action in the morning, especially on the first day. Whereas tasteful displays pick up on those customers after the initial wow factor has worn off. Don't get us wrong, commanding a high level of footfall at an event in the morning is hugely beneficial if you can afford to compete, but if you're a small or medium sized stand, there are plenty of tricks to get your name out there that won't break your bank. The easiest way for us to talk to you about the exhibition stands is for you to give us a call.

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