Displays For Trade Shows

When prepping for a trade show one of the first things to think of is to let the display help you create a presence that is memorable. A good trade show display will have an opportunity to engage, entertain and have an impact on the customers. In order to stand out in the sea of competition, flashy stands, endless signs and an abundance of colours, there are a few key things to understand.

What’s the desired result?

Envisioning what will the success from this trade show look like to you will determine the type of design that should be made for the display. Whether you want to sell a particular product, generate more leads, raise awareness it will all be a factor in creating the type of space to accommodate that. If you want to sell particular products a display should be designed so that the product is displayed either individually or clustered but in the most flattering way possible.

How to attract people

You will only have a period of a few seconds to attract people to your stand. In a trade show the environment will be busy so your main focus should be on catering to people’s needs and having a custom and unique design. The most common need that all of us have is to charge our phone batteries. Customising your stand to have built in charging stations will be a number one attraction. As customers we register everything that is unusual, something that is different so focusing on creating a personalised design is what will draw the attention of passers by.

The most important thing to remember is that however you decide to design your display for a trade show it is all about how the potential client will feel when in contact with your brand. As we are all attracted to the things we find entertaining, familiar and useful, it is essential to keep that in mind when creating a display stand that works to complete the desired results.

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