Exhibition Display Booths

Exhibition display booths are used as a tool for one of the aspects of a business marketing strategy. Whether you’re an art exhibition, a big company or a small business owner there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that your display booth visually represents your brand.

In order to tie in the exhibition display booth with your branding message you will need to carefully plan out its layout and its visual aspects, customise them and work with a designer.

It is well known that unique ideas are most successful when there is a strategy behind it so it’s important to start thinking of the end result and then adding on the customisable elements to the exhibition booth to boost those results.

So talking about customisable elements there are is a small checklist to keep in mind as a starting point before you contact your designer.

Raised Floor Platform

Almost all exhibition stands have a raised platform. It gives a defining frame to the stand.It creates a special place where a customer can experience the same feeling when entering a business building into a reception area



Height of a Stand 

Note the rules and regulations of the exhibiting hall when it comes to building the height of your stand. It is guaranteed that high structures will be visible from afar and attract attention of prospect clients easier than the one that is lower


Lighting of an exhibition hall won’t be enough to light up your booth. Consider working with a designer to layer the lighting by lighting up display areas brighter and discussion areas softer. It’ll create depth and will draw attention to what you’re trying to sell.


Custom made furniture such as storage spaces, display shelves, hanging structures and tables of appropriate heights for planned activities is an important element of designing a unique booth. This will include picking out brand colours and texture of material.

A planning stage of a custom made exhibition display booth will depend on your existing brand message, the experience you want to evoke in your prospect visitors and the results you want to achieve in the end.

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