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If you decided to design an exhibition stand then you’re most likely looking to increase brand awareness, generate new leads and ultimately maximise revenue by participating in an event. To help you choose the right elements for you exhibition stand we broke it down for you into four different categories.

Create a customised sign with your brand’s typography that will convey the message of your brand. Most of the time at trade shows or exhibitions people aren’t sure about what is being sold to them by simply looking at the stand. Keep the sign simple and the message clear. Think about the dimensions of the room of the exhibition and consider making the sign sized accordingly so it is easy to read from far away.

To avail of your potential client’s trust make sure your stand isn’t too dark and you’re not in the shadows. You may want to add more lights to brighten up the stand with the likes of lamps, light strips or hanging lights. Adding customised lighting to your signage is a striking feature that will make your sign visible from a distance. Be creative by using different types of materials like wood or coloured acrylic and think of attention grabbing ways to position the lights.

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Stand Colour
Colour is a big branding element and it is worth a quick reminder to use your brand colours for consistency on your exhibition stand. The clients you’re trying to attract to your stand will be drawn through the use of bold, contrasting pops of colour. However using too much colour can be overwhelming and confusing for your client to understand where the focal point of the stand is. Curate the use of colour by placing the most important pieces of information or products in the light of the most dominating colour in the stand.

Stand Dimensions
Lastly a few words about the size of your stand. When the stand is small and overcrowded it will be challenging for your potential customers to navigate the key pieces of information or products in general. On the other hand if the stand is big and isn’t filled up properly it will look like you have very little to offer.

An interesting tip about buyer’s perception is that large objects are associated with importance. Therefore if you’re selling something and you want to make your product seem bigger you can do that through the use of popping colour or additional display stands.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when researching various different aspects for your exhibition stand is to look at your competition. Look at who was exhibiting at the event last year, visit their Facebook and Instagram and try to find out what their stands looked like. Try to do something that your competitors aren’t doing by looking at the size and style of the stands.

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