Are you looking for an improved, time-tested way to advertise in Ireland and abroad?

Have you recently launched or rebranded your business? Or do you visit exhibit at trade shows and want to stand out in the crowd?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then a bespoke exhibition stand is the perfect way to increase your sales and get the word out about your company.

Attending exhibitions, conferences or trade shows is a key strategy to increase sales and gain new clients for many Irish companies.

Whether it is a one-off occasion or a regular part of your business, having a quality and eye-catching stand is essential if you want to attract customers.

A busy trade show can be incredibly competitive. It’s vital that your exhibition stand is designed with the “wow-factor” in mind.

There are multiple aspects of an exhibition stand design that you should consider, and our team will help guide you through in order to create the perfect stand for you.

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Caitriona ★★★★★

Custom Made provide an excellent service.

Vanessa was a pleasure to work with, and provided and excellent design. The guys who fitted it were so professional with an excellent eye for detail. I highly recommend Custom Made.


Una ★★★★★

We couldn't be happier with the level of professionalism we received from Custom Made. They were amazing from our first interaction.

We gave them a specific brief and they understood exactly what we wanted, even on a really tight timeline.


John ★★★★★

Excellent service. They were very open and helpful with designing what we wanted and really made us feel like they could do anything we asked for.

Very high quality finish and craftsmanship and was perfectly fitted.

Exhibition Stands Ireland

As an Irish based business, we are fully aware of the value in attending trade fairs as a way of promoting your business and maximising revenue. For many of our clients, we help design and install exhibition booths that are used at a variety of events.

We can design and build your stand for an initial fee, after which we can offer an installation and removal service at a lower cost for the events you attend.

Often the space allocated to your business can be restrictive and it is important that you maximise this. Having a clear idea of dimensions will help our design team to think about the best way to create your exhibition stand.

One way to capture the attention of attendees is with a tall stand which will draw customers from the moment they enter the exhibition.

You can maximise visibility by including high signage, suspended props or even a rotating sign, utilising the height available to you.

Perhaps the most important element of the exhibition stand is how you convey your brand.

A great looking stand but without a clear brand identity or information about your products is a wasted opportunity.

Bespoke Exhibition Stands

Excellent quality materials (certified hidrofugo® moisture resistant MDF, plywood, veneers and solid timber)yes
Outstanding branding (choose between spray painting, staining, lacquering or graphics)yes
Skilled designers that will work with your ideasyes
Specialist team with experience and professionalismyes
Nationwide Installation & Derigging - Optional serviceyes
Over 120+ happy clients since 2012yes

While relying on your brand colours and signage is a safe bet, it is important to remember that covering your exhibition stand with vague brand messages can make it lose its effect.

Instead, whether you are a well-established or new business, you should choose to couple branding with a focus on the story behind your company or products.

Stories are proven to help sell and make your brand unique in a crowded marketplace. If you are offering a service, this could be as simple as including a testimony from happy customers. If you are selling a product, having the story of the producer can also help to boost sales.

When designing your exhibition stand it’s important that you think about typography. You should be sure to use a font that is synonymous with your brand and text should be clear enough to read from a distance.

You can use catchy slogans to convey your message, intrigue attendees and draw them into your stand.

Placing your text near the top of your exhibition stand will also ensure that is not blocked by customers who have already been drawn in.

We have a wealth of experience producing custom-made and exhibition stands in Ireland.

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trade show stand

Why Bespoke Exhibition Stands?

We design and make stands that will withstand the test of time and will be able to be used again and again.

We can make bespoke signage which will help customers to identify your brand. We also produce graphics and supply rollup banners which are a great way to present information about your company while saving space.

Generally, there are elements of your stand you will want to keep the same for every event. But if you set up exhibition stands at various events in Ireland, you may be restricted by the different space available.

You might need to opt for a design that is going to be adaptable. Choosing a modular design means that you have a stand that will fit different sized stands and layouts.

Our design team are knowledgeable and experienced at working within the standard sizes for the booths and can come up with a solution which fits these from the outset.

Of course, a modular design can also help to keep your stand looking fresh at different events. This is especially important for the people checking your social media — they will always have something fresh to see.

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exhibition furniture

Exhibition Display Stands

We employ a range of tradesmen to offer an innovative and bespoke service to companies looking for high quality exhibition display stands.

Having the ability to include some interesting elements in your booth that will provide an amazing experience its your visitors.

While it may seem simple, lighting is a key aspect that is often overlooked in many exhibition display stands. If you want to stand out, you cannot simply rely on the lighting provided by the venue.

Including hanging lights and coloured lights is a sure-fire way to enhance the look of your exhibition stand and make it more eye catching.

Spotlights are a great way to highlight certain elements of your exhibition stands, they are particularly useful if you are demonstrating or launching a new product.

Coloured lights can also be used to highlight certain elements of your display with a bonus of helping you to stand out from surrounding stands.

We recommend using a range of lighting such as lamps, strip lighting and angled boxes to create a desired ambience and draw customers towards your booth.

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Exhibition Stand Design Ideas

First impressions really do count and it is important that you create an exhibition stand that makes the event attendees want to visit.

Alongside producing stands which capture the audience’s attention, we have some great stand design ideas that will keep people engaged once inside:


Think about how to engage the visitors with the use of tech.

The inclusion of screens as part of your booth offers a way to show videos, display photos or other media which can provide information as well capture their interest.

Touch-screen displays also allow customers to view your company website or browse through a selection of products available.

If you choose to include a screen it is important you choose a TV unit which fits the design of your stand and helps to make the best use of space. Click here to view how we can help you achieve this with our custom-made TV units which are not restricted to just domestic use.

expo booth
bespoke desk and branding for fair


Making potential clients feel comfortable is a great way to help them engage with your team.

Delegates can be exploring trade shows for up to 8 hours. Choosing to include comfortable chairs or benches within your stand is a great way to help them relax and keep them around for longer while talking about your company.

We can provide custom made seating options which will aid to the experience you are trying to create.


Quality materials will make your stand more visually interesting.

Using our CNC router technology our team can help create patterns and textures on a range of materials which will help your booth look unique.

blue bespoke exhibition stand
people sitting in booth at trade show

Exhibition Stands in Dublin

If you decided to design an exhibition stand then you’re most likely looking to increase brand awareness, generate new leads and ultimately maximise revenue by participating in an event. To help you choose the right elements for you exhibition stand we broke it down for you into four different categories.

  • Typography
    Create a customised sign with your brand’s typography that will convey the message of your brand. Most of the time at trade shows or exhibitions people aren’t sure about what is being sold to them by simply looking at the stand. Keep the sign simple and the message clear. Think about the dimensions of the room of the exhibition and consider making the sign sized accordingly so it is easy to read from far away.
  • Lighting
    To avail of your potential client’s trust make sure your stand isn’t too dark and you’re not in the shadows. You may want to add more lights to brighten up the stand with the likes of lamps, light strips or hanging lights. Adding customised lighting to your signage is a striking feature that will make your sign visible from a distance. Be creative by using different types of materials like wood or coloured acrylic and think of attention grabbing ways to position the lights.

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Custom Exhibition Stands

Colour is a big branding element and it is worth a quick reminder to use your brand colours for consistency on your exhibition stand. The clients you’re trying to attract to your stand will be drawn through the use of bold, contrasting pops of colour like here.

However, using too much colour can be overwhelming and confusing for your client to understand where the focal point of the stand is. Curate the use of colour by placing the most important pieces of information or products in the light of the most dominating colour in the stand.


Lastly a few words about the size of your stand. When the stand is small and overcrowded it will be challenging for your potential customers to navigate the key pieces of information or products in general. On the other hand if the stand is big and isn’t filled up properly it will look like you have very little to offer.

An interesting tip about buyer’s perception is that large objects are associated with importance. Therefore if you’re selling something and you want to make your product seem bigger you can do that through the use of popping colour or additional display stands.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when researching various different aspects for your exhibition stand is to look at your competition. Look at who was exhibiting at the event last year, visit their Facebook and Instagram and try to find out what their stands looked like. Try to do something that your competitors aren’t doing by looking at the size and style of the stands.

branding and furniture inside an exhibition venue
exhibition stand branding

Exhibition Display Booths

Exhibition display booths are used as a tool for one of the aspects of a business marketing strategy. Whether you’re an art exhibition, a big company or a small business owner there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that your display booth visually represents your brand.

In order to tie in the exhibition display booth with your branding message you will need to carefully plan out its layout and its visual aspects, customise them and work with a designer.

It is well known that unique ideas are most successful when there is a strategy behind it, so it’s important to start thinking of the end result and then adding on the customisable elements to the exhibition booth (find inspiration by clicking here) to boost those results.

So talking about customisable elements there are is a small checklist to keep in mind as a starting point before you contact your designer.

Almost all exhibition stands have a raised platform. It gives a defining frame to the stand.It creates a special place where a customer can experience the same feeling when entering a business building into a reception area.

Always take into consideration:

  • Height of a Stand
    Note the rules and regulations of the exhibiting hall when it comes to building the height of your stand. It is guaranteed that high structures will be visible from afar and attract the attention of prospect clients easier than the one that is lower
  • Lighting
    Lighting of an exhibition hall won’t be enough to light up your booth. Consider working with a designer to layer the lighting by lighting up display areas brighter and discussion areas softer. It’ll create depth and will draw attention to what you’re trying to sell.
  • Furniture
    Custom made furniture such as storage spaces, display shelves, hanging structures and tables of appropriate heights for planned activities is an important element of designing a unique booth. This will include picking out brand colours and texture of material.

A planning stage of a custom made exhibition display booth will depend on your existing brand message, the experience you want to evoke in your prospect visitors and the results you want to achieve in the end.

Find Inspiration for Your Stand

The key to any successful exhibition stand is providing visitors with a positive experience and standing out in a crowded market. Why not find more inspiration by browsing through some of our ideas below and getting in touch for a personalised quote.

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