Dark Fitted Kitchen

A small bespoke, fitted kitchen unit designed by the cabinet makers here at custommade.ie for a small apartment in Inchicore, co. Dublin. The kitchen was old-fashioned and the space was in need of an update, the initial layout was poor and, put simply, it didn't work as a compact family kitchen.

With some kitchens all you need are new doors and a fresh lick of paint to cover up signs of general wear and tear, but there's always a risk that you'll end up having an unfinished look, with the half looking new and fresh making the other half look worse than before you change. While only changing parts of your kitchen is cheaper, the last thing you want is exaggerating the wear and tear of the kitchen stands by contrasting them with brand new doors, or having a new, crisp paint finish making the tiles look dirty.

Then there's what needs to be done with the kitchen peripherals. Is the tiling old or shabby looking? Do you want to install new appliances that need a plumber or an electrician? Do you want to also install an immersion heater to make your house more cozy?

An immersion heater or immersion heater repair (if you already own one) is one of the most effective ways to warm up your home. Can the plugs get away with a modern look or is the wiring dated? If the appliances are bigger and require more energy, will you need to update the fuses? Depending on the age and quality of your electrics, it may be best to do a complete rewire when installing new appliances to prevent power surges.

Our Fitted Kitchen Procedure

Custommade.ie created this fitted kitchen for a two-bedroom apartment where space is paramount. The client needed a custom made kitchen that would maximise storage space, so we custom built, supplied and then fitted the kitchen using measurements we had taken on-site. This allowed us to maximise the amount of space for the client with clever storage designs.

The client requested a modern and contemporary high gloss finish common to many new kitchen areas, so we gave them a list of colours and finishes to choose from. They chose a kitchen with white/ivory finish complete with black counters, so custommade.ie's cabinet makers designed a contrasted black and white bespoke kitchen unit with this colour and finish in mind.

A tiled cream floor, modern extractor fan and smooth, brushed chrome handles filled out the design, to leave a kitchen that competes with the stiffest competition, without the need to higher expensive interior designers.

Kitchen Finish?

As the pictures show the bespoke kitchen design fits right into the far corner of the apartment. Custom made kitchens really shine in small spaces and we believe we reached our objective of maximising the utlisable space for the client in a stylish and contemporary way without compromising on the design the client wanted.

We hope this kitchen showcases what the cabinet makers at custommade.ie are capable of creating within such spaces and prove that no matter how big or small, we can design, build and install a fitted kichen for you.

If you need bespoke kitchens or bespoke furniture fitted by our cabinet makers please get in touch for a quote.

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