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Having a white kitchen in a home is a timeless solution that will age beautifully and will always feel clean, bright and luxurious. However the emerging trends that encourage us to embrace colours and express our personality through interior design allow us to achieve the same timeless effect as having a white kitchen.


The beauty of kitchen cabinets is that you are flexible and the commitment in the choice of colours doesn’t have to be permanent. However if you’re still unsure how to add colour to your kitchen without affecting your kitchen cabinets, you can change the colour of the walls. This way the neutral coloured kitchen cabinets will pop off the contrasting walls. Another option is to tile the walls with bold patterns. It is a beautiful way to add character, texture and colour to your kitchen and keeping home cabinets white.


Pairing Colours

Similarly to the first way of adding colour, if you don’t want to overpower the kitchen with colour you may consider pairing colours. Choosing a darker colour for the base cabinets and a lighter colour for the top ones will immediately breathe in a feeling of more space. If you do decide to go all in and paint your kitchen in luxurious dark emerald or blue colours, factor in a lot of storage to keep the place looking clean and visually uncluttered.

Mix the Finishes

Adding colour to your kitchen can mean partially stripping it down completely. If you have your kitchen cabinets simply primed revealing the wooden texture of the material it can be extremely effective especially if paired with a coloured island. By mixing finishes you can make a particular area of your kitchen into a striking focal point giving it a stylish personality. You can create visual layers with different finishes that will create more depth and volume in your kitchen.

There are a lot of trending deep colours that instantly create a luxurious effect to the kitchen the same way a white finish would. Trends are a great way to get inspired and think outside the box so that you can create your unique space filled with your personality.

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