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Styling your kitchen cupboards you may notice many features that might tickle your fancy like open shelving or glass doors. Glass front doors of a kitchen cupboard instantly gives the space a sense of luxury. Clear glass will visually break up the blocks of kitchen cupboards. If you are considering installing glass doors consider a few benefits they possess and learn how to make the most of them.

Increases Visual Space

In a big kitchen glass cupboards will break up large blocks of cabinetry creating an interesting detail breathing in a sense of space. Similarly in a small kitchen they will visually increase space due to the reflective surface of the glass. When the light bounces off surfaces it gives space a feeling of depth. The transparency of the glass won’t create that immediate barrier that a wooden door may have giving your eye visual expansion of your kitchen area. Glass doors are especially refreshing if your cupboards have a dark finish.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Glass displays are very pretty to look at. Our eyes tend to linger on them a little longer than everything else making them an attractive focal point. Displaying glass wear, plates and vases behind those pretty transparent doors is a fun way to add to your overall decor. Similar to open shelving, you can get creative with pops of colour, matching interior and make a cohesive design by sourcing complementing items. It’s a fun way to a luxurious and neat look in your kitchen adding so much more to it than first meeds the eye. It is a reflection of your personality through objects and an establishment of a unique atmosphere in the kitchen.

Styling The Background

Important to point out the background of your kitchen cupboards. For them to make an extra impact overall you can style the background of the cabinets with paint, fabric and tiles. Doing so may add a wow factor so that when you are displaying items in the cupboard they will pop right off the background. Lighting adds to the background of the cupboards by creating depth and an airy atmosphere. Lighting can increase the sense of space even further than just having a reflective surface. A tip to keep in mind when installing lights is to make sure that all the lighting in the kitchen can be controlled separately.

There are many different options to personalise your glass door cupboards with different framing, styling and colours. Glass doors will always bring a sense of airiness and sophistication to your existing space that will give your kitchen a timeless effect.

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