Home Wine Cellar

Custom Made Wine Cellar for a Home in Dublin

Custommade.ie were contracted to design and build a large house wine cellar, something quite different from changing a standard cabinet design and exactly the type of job we hope for. The construction of the cellar was straight forward; build the room, the wine wall and leave enough space to put in the design with the bottles that the client wanted. Integrating the glass wall was a really nice touch, allowing anyone to see exactly what wines are on display and adds a really classy feel to the space.

Here at custommade.ie we make all kinds of unique builds, a home wine cellar isn't a common request, but then again, we're not common builders. If you are looking for someone to build something different then we're more than happy to give you a quote.

The home was kept at a comfortable temperature by an immersion heater system, which is our suggested way to go if you're looking to improve the heating in your home while lowering your electricity bill at the same time.

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