Immersion Heater Repair & Upgrades

Problems with your immersion heater? Get them fixed.

CustomMade is partnered with multiple home improvement companies in order to deliver effective solutions to home improvement and home repair work. In that regard, we would like to highly recommend our sister company that provides immersion heater repairs repairs and installations in the Dublin area.

They’re an electrical and plumbing company that deals with immersion heaters, fuse boards and most household electrical work. We use them when we need to wire some of our cabinetry, such as lights or sockets, and they never fail to deliver high quality work.

If you’ve had any work done by and were pleased with their cabinet makers then come highly recommended.

Immersion Heater employ a team of plumbers and electricians so they’re more than capable of general plumbing and wiring.

Immersions can be done by either profession and as such’s staff are comfortable doing more standard electrical or plumbing work.

You can get in touch with them about electrical switches, waste pipes, kitchens etc. for any plumbing and electrical needs you might have and, of course, you can get them to fit or repair an immersion heater; that is there bread and butter.

We honestly can’t recommend them enough.

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