Intricate Indoor Stand

Indoor Stand for a Boat Furnishing Company

There are always challenges when designing and constructing spaces for customers. You want to get the best possible location, space and design to attract the highest footfall, for the right price. However, these challenges change depending on what type of space your building.

Is it a Shop fitting or a simple pop-up at the side of the road? Is it inside a shopping centre or on the high street? Different spaces require different designs and today we're going to talk you through the design, manufacture and installation of an indoor stand we built for an exhibition.

This Indoor stand was designed for a company who produced internal furnishing for boats. As you can imagine, you get quite a varied set of projects at exhibitions! The typical display of a well-lit space didn't suit the client’s needs - they wanted a "boat feel" so that people who tried lying in their beds could imagine what they would be like below deck. Rather than have a well-lit space, designed a dark ambient feel to the stand, with surrounding "windows" similar to what you would see in a boat. We built a curved roof over the beds, to give a more realistic feel to how comfortable the small beds can be when on-board.

Custom Indoor Stand Designs

There can be no doubt that this Indoor Stand needed a custom made design. If our client went with a traditional exhibition stand company they may have been hard pressed to source the expertise necessary to build multiple bespoke designs at once. Here at every job we build is unique. Even the curved wooden roof presented no problem, as we have a carpenter on site with two decades of experience building skate parks!

There is a lot of variation in the staff here at Whether we're building Indoor Stands for Display at Exhibitions, Fitting a brand new kitchen or Building a children's treasure chest. We have someone on hand with the skills to get you a great product at the best price.

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