Is your kitchen beginning to look tired and outdated?

Are you thinking of redecorating?

Have you just moved home and want to make your mark in the kitchen but are limited by budget?

You can replace your kitchen doors It is a cost effective and simple way to rejuvenate this much-loved space!

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of a home. Regardless of how skilled a cook you are, we all want our kitchen to look good.

Whether you are a busy professional trying to juggle the demands of family life or retired and enjoying more time to yourself, cooking and preparing meals is an essential part of everyday life.

In your home it is important that the space works for you. For many of us, our kitchen is open plan and doubles up as an entertaining or living space and we need a space that feels comfortable and is easy on the eye.

Replacing your kitchen doors to fit your interior design style can be completed at the fraction of the price of a full kitchen refit.

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Kitchen Doors

At our skilled team can design and supply a range of made-to-measure kitchen fronts to fit your existing units.

You will be surprised how doing something as simple as changing the colour of your doors can give your kitchen a new lease of life.

In the current global situation with Coronavirus, people are spending an increasing amount of time within their homes.

Many people have caught the DIY-bug and purchases relating to home improvements have soared across Ireland.

Now could be the perfect time to consider investing in your home and ordering replacement kitchen doors to upgrade this space. Available in a range of styles and finishes we are able to provide a replacement fronts to create that perfect Instagram-worthy kitchen.

If you prefer to keep your units looking crisp and clean, opting for a shaker style door in white with coloured handles helps to retain an elegant and traditional atmosphere. However, to provide a contemporary feel to your kitchen, why not consider adding a hit of colour by painting your kitchen ceiling.

You could also create the same effect by using wallpaper or wood panelling for that added unique wow-factor.

Why Order Kitchen Doors From Us?

Highest quality materials (certified hidrofugo® moisture resistant MDF)yes
Highest quality finish (PU spray painting in any colour and finish, or high-gloss vinyl wrap)yes
Perfect craftsmanship every timeyes
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Replacement Kitchen Doors

If you are ordering replacement kitchen doors as part of a larger renovation project, we recommend considering incorporating this as part of your plans.

Selecting kitchen fronts in a traditional design in two tones of grey is a great way to combine a traditional rustic feel with modern design flair.

If you have darker floors in your kitchen, combining them with a lighter paint for the cabinetry helps to create a cosy feel- perfect for open plan spaces.

In some Irish homes, the immersion heater can also be placed nearby or within the kitchen and it is likely you will want to disguise this in some cabinetry with a matching front. If you need a replacement door for the hot press that’s housing your immersion heater just let us know.

Find inspiration on Pinterest: Beyond the Kitchen Door by Mallory Lawrence

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Kitchen Door Benefits

If you ask someone what their ideal kitchen would be like, ample storage and clutter-free are often high on that list.

As well as looking good, kitchens need to be practical. Our kitchen doors come in a variety of styles and can be sprayed in a variety of  colour finishes and can help to create your desired effect.

A further benefit is that kitchen doors can be used to conceal appliances to help achieve a sleek and seamless finish.

Stainless steel is no longer in fashion and covering them with a front which blends into your cabinetry is a great way to achieve an on-trend look in your kitchen.

As our doors are all bespoke, they also are a great way to replace the fronts for alcove units you may have in your sitting room. The press and drawer fronts of your alcove units can be easily replaced, and would breathe new life into your alcove units.

Our made-to-order kitchen fronts are durable and will withstand the daily life of a busy home.

While you can choose the colour to have your doors sprayed in at the time of purchase an added benefit is that they can be repainted if you decide to have a further change of style a few years down the line.

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How Much Do New Kitchen Doors Cost?

Our range of high-quality and bespoke kitchen doors vary in cost based in a variety of factors including:

  • The size of the new kitchen doors
  • Your chosen design — see styles higher up on this page!
  • Finish (raw wood, primed, spray painted or with a high-gloss wrap)
  • The quantity of doors ordered (bigger jobs cost less per door)

As an approximate guide you would need to allocate approximately €100 per kitchen front in a sprayed finish. The larger the project, the more cost effective it is for us to produce the new kitchen doors based on your specifications.

Our experienced and friendly team are happy to provide a no-obligation quote to help give you a clearer idea of the costs involved.

Alongside our new kitchen doors, we can also design and supply replacement doors for fitted wardrobes. An approximate cost for this would be €200 per door. As with our kitchen doors, prices go down for larger jobs and would increase for more intricate and bespoke designs.

Find inspiration on Pinterest: Kitchen Doors Board by DIY Kitchens

Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

custom kitchen doors

With such a range of design options available, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing new cabinet doors!

Choosing New Cabinet Doors

We suggest checking the galleries on this page for cabinetry inspiration and finding a style that suits your home.

Alternatively, our specialists are always happy to offer advice and suggestions to help you find the perfect replacement cabinet doors. So why not get in touch today and start the journey to create your dream kitchen!


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