L-Shaped Reception Desks

A reception area, if treated like a business card will provide a first impression of a business and will be functional. Focusing on both experience and functionality of a reception desk will help you create an element of surprise and a feeling of welcome.

L-Shaped reception desk is a practical option that will suit spaces both large and small. There are a few key points when it comes to a well functioning reception desk.

Storage for L-Shaped Reception Desks

The L shape of a desk will cover the storage area and any deliveries coming in. Designing a practical storage is important to streamline the workflow of a receptionist. By having an easy access to all the documents and stationary a receptionist will be able to complete the tasks in an efficient manner.

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Surface area of L-Shaped Reception Desks

The surface area of a reception desk is important for displaying essential information, products and for client’s convenience when approaching a receptionist. Pay attention to the height of the worktop to make sure that it is suitable for comfortable writing.

Leaning into creating an experience around the reception area, it is most likely that your reception desk will be the centre piece of the room. However there are a few tips that will empower your visitor to feel connected to your organisation.


Visual Impact made by L-Shaped Reception Desks

Tapping into the psychology of colours will help you set the tone of the reception area. Hiring a professional designer will give you guidance in creating a perfect space that will not only have the right colours but a creative and a unique style of your reception desk to create that element of surprise.

Staff Interaction behind L-Shaped Reception Desks

The first point of human contact with your receptionist will make or brake the impression of how your organisation is run. It is interesting to note that the design of your reception area will affect your receptionists beliefs in the core values of the company which will create a positive experience on anyone coming in contact with them.

Try focusing on flexible elements of the reception desk in case you will want to make an easy change or upgrade with time. Working with your designer they should be able to create an area that is either timeless or give you an estimate its shelf life.

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