2-Colour Office Reception Desk

An office reception desk designed, built and fitted by the cabinet makers here at custommade.ie for a small office located in Dublin. The office reception desk was needed to show a clean front for the office space, and the client wanted a bespoke design to fit with the existing furniture.

The office reception desk was designed by the cabinet makers at custommade.ie with a large oak tabletop to give ample space for a typical reception set up, consisting of a computer, telephone and writing/working space. The bespoke white background of the reception desk is purposefully built and fitted to match the in-built design of the floor.

This streamlined bespoke look matches the surrounding design of dark walnut against a sprayed white background, and took the carpenters at custommade.ie less than a week to make with the pattern designed by our cabinet makers and cut on our cncrouter. The white pattern was sprayed by our in house spray painter in the spray workshop in our purpose-built factory. If you need an office reception desk designed and fitted to suit your office then the cabinet makers at custommade.ie can ensure a sleek,streamlined view for you too.

If you need any office reception desks or other bespoke reception furniture designed and fitted by our cabinet makers here at custommade.ie then please get in touch for a quote.

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