Custom Made Oval Table

Please note that this project was completed more than 10 years ago. We no longer make bespoke dining tables and are instead focusing on larger units and kitchen remodels. For dining tables and chairs we recommend

Sometimes mass-produced furniture simply doesn’t fit our requirements. This custom made oval table was designed and built for our client to tie in with their custom bench while the chairs provide a sharp contrast.

We offer made-to-measure tables that are as unique as you want them to be, to suit any purpose or location, in any shape or size. You can choose from a wide variety of table top materials from solid woods to laminates, tempered glass or spray painted wood.

From large diameter round or oval table tops to narrow ones perfectly suited for restaurants and bars. They can be made to match your side tables, consoles, sideboards and more — in this way you can retain your existing dining room design while making it more practical or upsizing.

We have designed and built dining tables and chairs for both domestic and commercial clients. Our work can be found in a wide range of commercial units: from community centres and government buildings to boutique Dublin city centre bars, restaurants, cafés and bistros.

At CustomMade we produce unique, bespoke furniture designs that suit our clients’ requirements in both contemporary and classical designs — everything is manufactured in our Dublin workshop to meet your exact criteria. We have built large solid oak conference room tables, extending glass dining tables, metal tables for industrial-style bars and everything in between.

All our designs are carefully created in-house, enabling you to be involved throughout the process to create furniture that fits in with your lifestyle. Your furniture is delivered and fully installed in your home or business by our own skilled craftsmen and our goal is to make it look perfect every time.

Our team specialises in different types of furniture, and alcove units are ever-popular in open space dining rooms. Since we unfortunately do not take any new orders for dining sets, our workshop is focused on alcove units and similar built-in furniture that is well designed and made to last.

Get in touch with us for more details on all of the different options that we provide, or send us your idea and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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