Multicolour Reception Desk

A Colourful Reception Desk Built as Part of an Office Renovation

A reception desk is one of the most important parts of any commercial fitting; it's the first thing that potential clients see, so it needs to look as professional as possible. Here we have a brand new reception desk fitted into the front of our new factory and we built this desk to showcase different areas of our work.

There's a standard desk for the receptionist to work on, with a curved, sprayed finish to the side, where we tried to show off our cabinet makers flare for making even simple desks appealing and enhancing the look with our spray painters expertise. We feel that the desk showcases much of what we do here: standard furniture with small twists and quirks to suit individual companies and clients and help them show their potential customers whats unique about them.

The second thing we fixed up was the radiator at the front of the building. it was old and ruined the look of our professional reception area. So we installed a Radiator Cover. Radiator Covers are sleek wooden built covers for your radiator that look stylish and add a touch of class to your heating system.

The benefit of building bespoke furniture is that you can always tailor different parts of your desks your way. Need a professional sleek finish for a large office, or maybe a new age style for a fashion outfit? We've even made rustic, shabby looking desks for hipster stores on the outside that are solid wood on the inside, so they're built to last.

Whatever it is you need, are Ireland's leading company on designing, constructing and then fitting bespoke furniture and if you're running virtually any kind of business, a reception desk is one of the most memorable things for potential customers outside of your logo; it pays to do it well.

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