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Broken storage heater? Get it repaired or upgraded!

Here at we produce bespoke cabinetry and nothing else. However, we do receive calls for larger fittings; such as kitchens, living room areas and the odd renovation. Most people who buy bespoke want to be sure the design and cabinetry is going to fit into their home and many clients don’t want just a cabinet or two; they’re redesigning a room, a floor or an entire house and might want to hold onto their Storage Heater for a little bit more time.

In this case, have sister companies it works with to make clients jobs easier. Within the trade a cabinet maker builds the furniture, while a carpenter is usually the one that fits the materials. Any lighting or wiring done in our cabinets needs to be done by an electrician and if our work is going into a bathroom or a kitchen; such as a sink press or dishwasher cover, it helps to have a plumber involved. But we are bespoke cabinet makers, not electricians. So what do we do?

Storage Heater Upgrades employ a small range of other tradesmen. But when it comes to full renovations we need to take on more expertise. In that regard, we use sister companies, people we trust to do the job to a high standard. One of these sister companies is a small electrical firm called Storage Heater.

They prioritise selling storage heating units to the wider domestic market and are perfect for when we need electrical heating advice. When people want to refit a new room, particularly in places such as an apartment or small office complex we tend to suggest to fill out their heating needs. Storage heating is most useful when you either don’t want to put the money up for an expensive heating oil or gas heating system, or you can’t put one in due to building restrictions. They’re the cheapest company on the market, and there staff are fast and efficient. They focus on storage heater repairs but when we build for new room fit outs they usually handle all of the electrics too, from wiring to fuse boards.

You might wonder why a custom fit out unit works with electrical companies and the truth is that Ireland is a small market and you need to take the jobs you can.

If a client is looking for a brand new room fitted out then we usually want the job. This has made us work through a number of companies to find the best fit for us and we want to recommend, one of our favourite countries, to you.

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