The beauty of creating a bespoke piece of furniture is that you get to customise its aspects. Luckily there is a lot of inspiration that can be turned into your own personalised designs.

There are a lot of different styles and ways to customise your bedroom furniture. With so many options the only way to stay focused is to keep in mind the final effect you want to achieve.

To imagine the end result think of the space you already have. Think of the mood you want to bring into it. Analyze your preferences and imagine what you want to feel entering a room.

Do you want to feel welcomed, relaxed and calmed? Of maybe you want a feeling of luxury, minimalism and simplicity. You may also decide combining modern and traditional features. In this article will touch on a number of different styles for bespoke bedrooms and all the results you can achieve with them.

This article presents inspiration and sample quotes for bedroom furniture in general. If you are in the market specifically for a bed, check out our custom made beds page for bed prices and ideas.

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Bedroom Furniture
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Bespoke Bedrooms

The reason we want to get bespoke furniture is because of storage but most importantly it’s because we want it to look nice and fit in perfectly. Aesthetics plays a huge part in our bespoke bedrooms - and our homes in general!

The interior of our homes affects our mood, productivity and the ability to relax and recharge. While our lives are full of technology like TV units, kitchen electrics and home office tools it is natural for us to want to incorporate it all organically into our interior design.

You can use the top trends of a particular year as a starting point to get inspired. However, remember that nowadays there are no more rules in style. They can be combined and mixed giving you an opportunity to make bespoke bedrooms that are one of a kind.

Use this opportunity to your advantage and integrate your favourite details into one - or more - pieces of bedroom furniture.

Stylish Bedrooms

Wardrobes & Armoires

Not every house has the luxury of a walk in wardrobe. However, regular bedroom wardrobes can be just as impactful with the right amount of planning. The style of these wardrobes will infuse your bedroom with character and a special sense of personality.

These wardrobes are jewels in any bedroom and one of the most practical pieces of bedroom furniture sets. The doors of armoires are often carved with intricate organic shapes. They are raised off the ground by detailed feet and their silhouette breathes in a sense of history.

These wardrobes sometimes have mirrored doors adding a dash of extra texture to their appearance.

As armoires are freestanding wardrobes they can be moved around the room and used in other bedrooms in the house. If you’re someone who constantly seeks a sense of novelty, then freestanding furniture is your best bet.

    Wardrobes with standard hinged doors can be divided into sections to make sure that the swing of the door is appropriate and practical. Both freestanding wardrobes and built in wardrobes have the option with further customization abilities such as mirrors, glass and different types of finishes.
    These types of doors are great space savers. Their advantage lies in the fact that the doors don’t swing out into the room. This allows you to have a deep wardrobe when you’ve got a tight or small room.
    Folding wardrobe doors is a different elegant bedroom furniture solution if you’re tight on space but don’t want to have sliding doors. It adds a bit of authenticity to the furniture. It is both practical and stylish suiting both big and small spaces.
Bedroom Wardrobes

Now that we have broken down different types of doors, we will look at customizing these doors with different types of surfaces.

There is an option for reflective surfaces in the forms of mirrors and clear or frosted glass.

Mirrors and glass will have different visual effects in your room. For example glass wardrobe doors fitted into a wooden frame will give your room a luxurious feel. Whereas, all reflective surfaces will bounce the light creating an illusion of a larger room.

Bespoke Bedrooms

Bespoke Fitted Bedroom Furniture

If you have decided to go with custom made bedroom furniture and in particular wardrobes there are a few things you need to be aware of.

You will have to take a step back and reassess your storage needs. You will have to decide whether you want to include technology in your furniture such as a TV.

You will decide on how you want to customize the finishes of your furniture, picking out colours and styles.

While overwhelming at the start, the process of making bespoke fitted furniture is always creative and fun.

With the constant flow of new trends there is still a lot of freedom in making something that is personal and unique.

Let us break down all these different elements to make your journey easy and enjoyable.


Perhaps you need to store books, toys or bedding. Perhaps your under stairs storage is already full or non-existant. If you want to fit more stuff into your bespoke bedrooms or increase functionality you will need to assess your storage needs.

Choosing the space for the furniture will help you calculate its size and its exterior design.

With custom made furniture it’s hard to visualise exactly what that piece of furniture will look like before it’s made.
Working with a designer for a precise visual 3D mock up will show you if the chosen design or dimensions will be satisfactory to your tastes.

Remember to plan out your internal storage. For example planning out shelving and hanging areas should be designed according to how you want your clothes to be stored.

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Styles For Bedroom Furniture Sets

Trends will always dictate something new every year. Some of them will stick around for a while and some of them will disappear very fast.

At the moment trends are used as indicators to create unique furniture. They present us with different types of elements that we can combine into one.

This means that we can create our very own style according to our tastes, preferences and our personality. An interesting article from The Spruce gives us a detailed break down of bedroom decorating trends.

We are going to underline the most common styles that have been emerging consistently over the years.

    Looking at mid century modern bedroom furniture sets you will notice long legs, panels, elongated bodies. This style provides functionality beautifully paired with aesthetics.The shape of this furniture is sharp and angular. The bedroom around it will be best styled to avoid clutter and introduce colour such as prints or paintings.
    Similar to midcentury modern style, minimalism will be a space free of clutter. The colour scheme for this style will be either monochromatic or very simple. There will be a lot of sleek, simple surfaces to reflect off the light.Wardrobes in a room will have sliding doors and a bed will be elevated. The room will have a spacious stripped down look.
    Scandinavian style of a bedroom will heavily lean into whites. Although the presence of white is strong the details that decorate the room will create a cozy and welcoming feeling.Throws, carpets, wall art and lamps are all the little things that will make the room feel curious and carefully organized. Live plants are often associated with this style drawing our attention to Scandinavian love for sustainability and nature.
Bedside Wardrobe

Your Options for Customisation

We have already mentioned that however trendy one aspect of furniture is this year, trends will always be constantly changing.

The good news is that you can adapt certain elements of your furniture design and change them. Items such as handles, legs and knobs can all be updated. This is the easiest way to update the look of your bespoke bedroom.

If you’re into brass handles on your kitchen cabinets this year and later on you want something different, you can customise your tastes according to those small changes.

Check out this story by Emily Henderson and see how she's done her kitchen update through the use of different adjustable elements. The same principle applies to your bedroom furniture.

Experimenting with contrasting backgrounds for bookshelves is another way of customizing your furniture. This will allow you to refinish existing units in a different tone after a while so that you can breathe in new life into your built in furniture.

If your unit contains open shelving you can change and swap the levels of the shelves. Playing around with the layout of the items is the easiest way to update the look of your furniture.

The most popular concern of homeowners nowadays is to make their living spaces neat, airy and stylish. With bespoke fitted furniture you have the freedom of making a long lasting difference to your home!

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