Stylish Commercial Reception Desk

A small commercial reception desk, designed for a single receptionist built and fitted by the cabinet makers at for a small commercial company in Dublin. This commercial reception desk was designed with simplicity in mind. The curved wooden feature is designed to make the reception area obvious while also having enough storage space to satisfy reception area essentials.

The small commercial reception area was built into the corner of the entrance area. It's a half-circle so the design is easily alterable and very adaptable to most reception areas, as it can fit in as a commercial reception desk in almost any space, the pattern was cut out in our purpose-built factory on our cncrouter, so you can be assured all your designs and patterns can be added in-house by us, with no subcontractors.

If you would like to get in touch about a commercial reception desk we are happy to either alter a pre-existing design or create a new one based on your specifications and the space available. Our master cabinet makers are happy to create, build and fit any design to your specifications, from the design stage to the finish, most custom made reception desks have a timeframe of 2-4 weeks from design to a finished fitting

If you need a commercial reception desk or other bespoke furniture designed and fitted get in touch with us here at for a quote.

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