Curved Hotel Reception Desk

Elegant Wooden Reception Counter for a Hotel Lobby

A hotel reception desk designed and fitted by our cabinet makers here at for a small hotel in Dublin City Centre. This custom furniture was designed to work as both a reception and an effective work space. The hotel reception desk features a double height layer, so one receptionist can deal with customer check-in and queries while another receptionist can either aid during peak hours, or otherwise work effectively towards other company goals.

This custom furniture design was requested by the client and the cabinet makers at built the hotel reception desk to suit their needs. The custom made reception desk is fully equipped with electrical wiring to cater to lights, telephones and computers and by building bespoke, we can ensure you have any feature you and your business needs and make it work for you.

The hotel reception desk took a little over three weeks from the design phase to the full fitting. It was completely built in our factory, sprayed by our spray painter in our spray workshop with the reception indent design done on our cncrouter. Here at we can design, build and fit your bespoke reception desk all under one roof, from start to finish, everything is custom made in our purpose-built factory before being fitted by our cabinet makers on site. If you would like more information on our hotel reception desks or other custom furniture, please don't hesitate to get in touch for a quick quote.

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