Two-Tone Hotel Reception Desk

Bespoke Hotel Reception Desk in 2 Tones of Wood

A traditional hotel reception desk for a hotel located in Dublin. The custom reception desk is fitted into the back wall of the hotel's entrance area, and is a long wooden frame typical to many hotels. The hotel reception desk is quite large accommodating between two and four receptionists at a time, to allow the hotel to deal with large amounts of footfall.

The hotel reception desk features three different types of wood, dark for the stands, medium for most of the custom desk and light to break the colour as seen in the photograph. Here at different timber patterns are no problem. Our cabinet makers understand that bespoke furniture and custom furniture needs to suit the design envisioned by our clients and we are committed to creating, building and fitting the best hotel reception desk we can for you.

The underside of the hotel reception desk features electrical wiring to cater for computers, telephones and other electronics needed by the receptionist staff. The cabinet makers here at are capable of preparing any electrical set up for your hotel reception desk.

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