It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of a home.

In every house it is a room with many purposes. However large or small it is, being organised and clutter-free is something that should be at the top of your list and having a quality kitchen larder will help to achieve this goal.

While historically larders were used as a cold storage before the invention of fridges, they have stood the test of time and are a popular feature in many modern kitchens.

Whether you are looking to add a larder into your existing set-up or as part of a completely bespoke kitchen, we are sure to have the ideal product to meet your needs.

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It is important when choosing any piece of furniture to consider both styles and how you will utilise the product within your home.

A kitchen larder is no different. Thinking about the way you cook, eat and entertain will help to shape and design your dream kitchen.

For those budding chefs amongst us, a well-equipped and organised kitchen larder is essential. Opting for a larder with built-in spice racks and a pull-out vegetable drawer is a great way to store and quickly access ingredients during cooking.

For an even greater level of storage you could also incorporate draws with drop down fronts to include larger items such as bread bins.

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Bespoke Larders

Each and every one of our bespoke larders is designed and manufactured by our skilled team to your specifications.

As every home is different, so too are the needs of the people residing in them and it is important that every piece of furniture works for the household.

At we provide a bespoke service throughout the process. By listening to your needs, we can help to make your dream kitchen become a reality.

Whatever your budget we can find a solution to your cabinetry needs and manufacture something special for your home.

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If you have an unusual space within your kitchen, it can be difficult to find pre-made furniture which will fit in your home and you can often be limited with the choice of design and finish.

We specialise in creating cabinets to fit in any home and our skilled designers can help suggest innovative ways to get most of the space in your home.

It is important when designing a bespoke larder to consider how you can make it functional while retaining the existing style in your kitchen. For those with a larger space, you may wish to consider a walk-in pantry equipped with a range of integrated drawers and shelves to create an organised haven, hidden in plain sight.

For those with unusual spaces, we can design bespoke larders which fit perfectly in alcoves or where you may have a slanted ceiling.

If you are adding furniture to your current kitchen It is important to choose a finish for the doors which matches your existing cabinetry.  Alternatively, if you want to add a new lease of life to your cupboards, you could use this as an opportunity to replace the kitchen doors to match the new larder.

As well as being a useful storage solution, our bespoke larders can also be designed to be a statement piece of furniture within your home. Glass double doors and interior spot lighting are a great way to display and feature crockery, glasses, and other items within your kitchen.


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Kitchen Larder ideas

We can also add a whole host of personal touches to your custom-made pantry and have suggested some kitchen larder ideas below to provide inspiration:

  • A floor to ceiling kitchen larder with double doors which includes integrated spice racks and drawers
  • Turn an unused cupboard or space into a walk-in pantry with a range of built-in shelves and cupboards providing much-needed storage — if you really want to maximise space, include a ladder to store and reach higher shelves.
  • Incorporate a hidden workspace behind the larder doors
  • Include kitchen appliances within your larder such as a toaster or coffee machine
  • Complete your larder with chiller drawers equipped with motion sensor lighting
  • Incorporate your refrigerator within a larder to stop to maximise unused and often awkward space
  • Choose bi-fold or sliding doors to maximise the space within your larder while also having the option to conceal it when you are entertaining guests

Of course, kitchen larders are not solely to store food. With the increased popularity of open plan living, the kitchen has become a great place to entertain friends and family.

In the past, we have created larders for our clients which conceal the perfect home bar. Equipped with wine racks, a fridge and shelving it really is the perfect way to store your alcohol and add a wow-factor to your home.

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Kitchen Larders Ireland

Our custom-made kitchen larders are second to none within Ireland.

Our experienced team are happy to help and take requests to help create the perfect cooking and dining space within your home.

Talk to our Dublin-based design experts to help you discover a range of options for your bespoke larder.

As mentioned previously we can help if you are opting for a stand-alone larder or as part of a completely bespoke kitchen.

Our team is passionate about helping to quality spaces within your home. If you are considering ways to give your kitchen a Pinterest-worthy revamp, adding simple radiator covers which compliment the design of your kitchen will help to achieve this goal.

Similarly, if your kitchen cabinet doors need replacing, we can quote you for brand new doors in a colour and finish of your choice. Send us an enquiry today and we will get back to you with a reasonable quote.


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Let us make your dream kitchen larder.

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